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Holiday travel doesn't have to suck. How do you pass the hours on a plane, train, or in a car?
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P Higby
first world problems.
Sean M
+Fredrik Linnander I would even say good ole paperbacks, too. But, it is the 21st century, so I guess ebooks may make it simpler. 
Comedy albums - but put them on your internal memory. Trying to stream from the highway is going to be a frustrating experience once you leave the comforts of your urban 4G clouds.
Funny how technology has made people bored. I don't recall ever being bored on any trip. I feel old
When I was younger, we had Magic Pen books, "Road Bingo," Hairy Harry magnet games and other stuff. Kids definitely need entertainment on long car rides, but I'm not sure DVD players are the only modern answer. When it comes time for me to drag my progeny across the country, I'm hoping I can provide more creative and stimulating experiences.
+Grainne O'Malley Good point! While I usually feel a bit guilty about 'wasting' the time, I find just looking out of the window and watching the world go by to be very relaxing. Looking at other people's houses, towns, parks, etc. satisfies my innate nosiness. OTOH I'm in England, and we see a lot more terrain variation in far fewer miles than you'd see on a US road trip.
I wouldn't know, I'm in Ireland.:p
Well I did drive through the US and I loved it. But we had interactive games (our brains and power of speech), a pencil, maybe a deck of cards and little health and safety regulations, and we never got bored.
A simple hangman's game can keep you going for an hour or two
Personally I still can't read in a car as I get sick anyway
I listen to audio books or stuff like Teaching Company lectures every day.  I have a 30 minute commute to work and love having reclaimed that time.  My wife and I usually start, and sometimes finish, an audio novel on long road trips.
i drove 9 hours to see my family last xmas. i listened to audio books the whole way. i find the linear format of books much better suited to driving than the randomness of a music playlist. i listened to dickens's christmas carol in its entirety one way and a variety of sherlock holmes stories on the way back. all were downloaded free and legally from librevox.
Atlas Shrugged is a mere 68 hours of audio.  How far you goin'?
With my kids?! Ear plugs and Valium!!! Alone, my Sirius satellite radio is all that I need.
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