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Planning a garden this spring? This webapp shows you the best times to plant everything from kale to tomatoes, based on where you live:
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i'll take all the help i can get.
Please remember one half of
the surface of the earth
is South of the equator.
That is to say,
it is currently summer in
the southern-hemisphere,
right now.
Northern Hemisphere folk
are somewhat remarkable in forgetting
this somewhat obvious fact !
+Snow Andrews nah, that's the non-important part of the Earth.
[just kidding]
Anyway, the webapp seems to be North America oriented anyway :), not all the northern hemisphere.
And about 10-12% of the human population of the planet lives in the Southern Hemisphere, +Snow Andrews while 88% of it lives in the Northern Hemisphere: Seriously though - LH is based in the US, of course its articles are going to be US centric. No one asks LH Australia to not write about Australian stuff or LH Japan not to write about Japanese stuff. 
Been thinking of putting in a small garden this year.  This might be just the thing to help out. Especially if it's accurate.
Be careful of the locations it gives.  I put in my zip code and it is giving recommendations for an airport ten miles away, which is effectively in a different growing zone.
+Skip Huffman: I compared the recommendations in this app to the recommendations in "The Old Farmer's Almanac" website. They seem to be based on the same set of data, and like your experience, when I put in my zip code, I was given recommendations for a town about ten miles away. However, TOFA gives a clue, for it says that the information is coming from a specific "climate station."

A quick check of the internet discovers that the weather station listed by TOFA is one of the official weather stations of NOAA. If you go to you can find the climate station closest to you and insert the zip code of that station into either of these apps and get recommendations based on the closest data.
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