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Yesterday it was Swype, today SwiftKey - another of our favorite Android keyboards - unveiled a major update! Here's what's new:
Android: Not to be outdone by yesterday's Swype update, SwiftKey announced the launch of SwiftKey 3 today, complete with a host of new features, including improved error correction and "smart space," ...
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Agreed. I love this on both tab and phone. Worth every penny.
I wanted to use the one-month trial before shelling out money for the full app, and I bought it by the end of the first day. Definitely worth every penny.
Just updates swiftey after seeing this. Thnx! I love it
Touchpal keyboard is pretty awesome too. That's what I use.
Why press tiny buttons when you can just Swype them.
James H
Swype still a winner for me.
-This message Swyped from my Atrix2.
I'd been using Swype for several months...  I loved the technology, but, because they have a weird business model (they'd rather sell to OEMs than consumers), updates to the software are a pain.  So, I decided to give SwiftKey another try.  It's a great keyboard too.

I think this is the first time I've ever made a tech decision based on the tech companies business model.  Kinda weird.
Hooray! I habe been using SwiftKey for a while and I LOVE it! The best thing about it is that it switches languages seamlessly - it detects whether I am typing in English or German, and automatically adapts. Amazing!
+Caleb Chitwood Swype's business model affects you in the most direct way : each month the keyboard just stops working.
I am not going to use a core app that is totally unreliable.
I got updates for free and all my previous data is saved as well. Thanks Swype - u guys rock
I hope they've sorted out the enter key, and not left it grouped with the smileys! I'm suprised more people haven't complained about this !
Anyone else have problems with autocorrect not correcting words the previous version did? Example: ive used to = I've. Now ive = ive. Grrr...
Swift key is a great concept. But horrible design , my spelling and productivity with it installed is horrible. At least in my opinion. I'll stick with stock.
Ryan J
I hope the changes make it more usable for me. I've purchased this app and I've tried to like it... I really did, but much of the predictions were too far off and I spent the majority of my time back spacing. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with it.
I like swift key but I just got my Nexus and I like my stock keyboard. It's weird. Haha
It gets better the more you use it. And let it learn from your texts, social networks, etc., too.
I use +SlideIT, haven't really tried Swype or SwiftKey, I think one, or both, of them lacked Icelandic dictionary which is a must for me.
Ryan J
I can live with the inaccurate predictions, but what gets me is when I am typing a word, it gets deleted. Whats up with that? This happen to anyone else?
Anyone know if Samsung plan to issue a Swype update for Galaxy SII owners?
+Alan Beauvais it is not so weird, the stock keyboard on the galaxy nexus is pretty good & most third party keyboards clash with ICS design.
New update is awful. Why expand the space bar when it's barely ever used? It should be an option, just like how "show arrow keys" is an option. The new punctuation button is terrible. I've used Swiftkey for two years and got many friends to purchase it, but I can't recommend it anymore. Uninstalled...
Just downloaded it and have to say this is the best keyboard ever. I am going to get everyone to use this keyboard amazing. Thank you.
Swype, for me at least, is my preference... This comment only took me three tries, lol.
#swiftkey  update is awesome!! i was sad when the beta was over! i'm glad that the new update came out soon after
Easily the best touch screen keyboard I've ever used.
Love me some Swype. Can't stand taping anymore. But not mention I get questions during my commute, "how are you doing that?" So I show them and they ask can I do that on my iPhone? Poor iPhone users :)
I prefer a keypad keyboard but not an option on swiftkey
im on swiftkey x trail on ma S2. It is the next best thing to AI..simply amazed!!! Thank you for the free app.
I've been using this since its release, and its been an awesome keyboard. I'm liking this new release!
Does anyone know how to update Swype? Or is there a way to update it?
My wife loves her Swiftkey install. I prefer Thumb Keyboard 4 for all of it's customization options & tweaks. I can change EVERY & ANY of the secondary keys to whatever I want. It has skins & key binding for quick commands, misc symbols, domains, & more. I'll give Swiftkey another try though with this new release.
I had swiftkey x as a free app from Amazon a while back and I am pleased to say they upgraded it to this for me for free. I was using the betas and I would have gladly paid for it if I had to. This keyboard is the best!
My Toshiba tablet came with Swype, but, especially in landscape mode, swyping across 10" was just .. weird. Swiftkey for tablet is cool, and has both split keyboard with numpad and a unified (more traditional looking) keyboard. My Bionic has swype, and the smaller form factor makes it work fine for me, though Swiftkey on a Moto Droid was great.

Now to try these updates....
I switch betwee swyp and swift multiple times per day and love them both but honestly, i use my pop out keyboard more than anything. That is Irreplaceable
I tried it a little bit further but I think I got used to using swype too much I think. Going back to swype. But my choice is definitely SwiftKey on a tablet. 
As someone else said, I downloaded the trial version, to see what it was about. After typing my very first text, I went ahead and purchased the full version, since it is on sale for $1.99 today. Since it learns, with time, it is only going to get better, and I already love it.
Only reason why I miss my Android phone...
+John Berry - I was too. Played with others, including Swype, and was not impressed. Always went back to the standard Android keyboard because I preferred the way it acted and responded. SwiftKey is everything the standard keyboard is, on steroids.Try the free trial version. Bet you buy it, just like I did, since you are a fan of the default, just like I was.
I've been using the beta of SK3, which is great, and just tried out the release. I've already noticed a couple small improvements, I'd say it's definitely worth the $2.

It also seems slightly smoother, but that may just be a placebo effect...
Integral swipe keyboard feature with Sony Arc works perfectly. :)
I think the ics keyboard is still better, at least it has decent themes.
New Swype is a vast improvement over prior versions, check it out.
+Miles R. Young - but Swiftkey doesn't have Chinese and a few of the other languages and Swype does....
Just gof the update,works phine.
Just bought the app. Sent it to my brother phone to ask if he receive the update to swiftkey i just bought and the first error i notice by auto correct is from swiftkey > shift key....FAIL!
Hmm. Lets give this thing a try. The interface sure is butt ugly, though. Motorola Xoom here. I am not impressed. Stockkeyboardisfazfer,
God, that was horrible. Thanks for the recommendation, though, because I love trying new keyboards. For myself, I prefer the stock keyboard on my Xoom and Ultra Keyboard with a Better Keyboard theme on my Droid Razr. I cannot stand SwiftKey. Uninstalling. In fact, I had to revert to my stock keyboard just to hammer out a single sentence. It's just not my thing. I tried it because I thought it would be fun to dabble in Greek. If I hate it in English, I have no hope for it in Greek.
wonder where they dug up this looser that has nothing to say worth reading ?
I only wish Apple would include either of these keyboards in iOS6. 
Love it, using it on my tablet as on my phone definetely the best keyboard app out there..
After using the new and updated keyboard all day yesterday, I don't care for the "smart space" all that much. Maybe it's because I'm a habitual space bar user but I liked the way the question mark was on the bottom row keys before, better than having to use the long press or the toggle button now. I love this keyboard to death but I was more or less waiting for new themes lol. I can dig it though :-P
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