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Here's a few dead simple ways to make healthy meals without cooking. What are your no-effort staples?
One of the barriers for healthy eating is the time it takes to actually prepare a healthy meal. If you already don't like the idea of cooking, making a well-rounded meal is even more of a daunting tas...
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Cottage cheese with fruit and nuts is my miracle food. Protein, vitamins, fats, and shockingly cheap.
Unless, of course, the very thought of cottage cheese makes you gag... ;) hahaha
I would rather eat healthy people.
Spinach, artichoke, peppers, cherry tomatoes and avocado salad with balsamic glaze, sea salt and mixed herb to garnish. Hearty and healthy!!
Do people really hate cooking? Or do they just hate cleaning up afterwards?
You guys are scary for hitting my demographic right in the mouth. Get out of my head!!
We're going to go ahead and stow this away under our 'college tips' bookmark.
Well, I like to make a sandwich with no margarine or butter, using whole grain for rye bread, that has a meat or two or more, a three thin tomato slices, 6 slices of cucumber, salt and pepper and lettuce. You can add a layer of cheese if you like but I am lactose intolerant so I try to avoid dairy when possible.

Serve with V8 or V8 fusion type beverage and bon apetit!!
The smoothie is my go to. I don't know what I'd do without it.
The only problem with smoothie is that some food need interaction with saliva to absorb some nutrients.That does not happen when you "drink" vegetables or fruits.That's why it is better to eat an orange rather than having orange juice.
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Funny, but the healthiest thing to do the mess with the food the least. If you want something with apples, eat an APPLE, don't bake an apple pie.
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My no-effort staples include: oatmeal cooked in a rice cooker with crushed walnuts and banana, brown beans on toast, poached eggs on toast, and sometimes brownbeans and poached eggs on toast.
This post speaks right to my heart.
I pretty much live on can food, Kraft Dinner, and TV dinners.
Smoothies! I make em everyday, but I put a LOT of stuff in them too. Frozen fruit (Strawberry, Mango, Blueberries, Blackberries), 1 full Banana, 1 Scoop of Protein Powder, 1 Scoop of Anti-Oxidant Powder, Vanilla Yogurt, Vanilla Milk, Peanut Butter :). It's amazing, and it sinks to the stomach like a meal!
Smoothies are satisfying , but i usually put in vanilla ice-cream
Ok u know what? Idk how there is healthy food for people who hate cooking unless you go to subway and eat a salad or go to Zaxbys and get a Zalad.
Wait I don't understand... isn't just eating the fruit and some raw veggies less work than making a smoothie? Salads, people! You dont even have to clean a blender!
A curbed plate, some plastic wrap, some vegetable, and you get steamed vegetable from a 6-min cooking using the microwave. You can even cook fish that way (salmon tastes the best). Healthy and really tasty. More than raw vegetable at least.
+Jackie Kustan The best thing about smoothies is you pour it all into something else, put hot water in the blender and turn it on. Auto cleans itself! (Only works Right after you make the smoothie though)
How to make a quick lunch: Grab an apple, banana, pear, plum and carrot. Nuts of you have any. Done. :-)
Some people fear you know trying to get food but it is really simple. They are just lazy
I love cereal parfaits. They make a great breakfast, and any meal really. Just get a cup, throw together 2-3 types of your favourite cereal, dump into some yoghurt, and add some toppings (almond, fresh fruit like chopped apples, or if you're too lazy, chopped banana). And bravo you get a healthy meal that will sustain you for at least 3 hours.
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