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Because all that's standing between a hacker and your bank account might be your bank's customer service agent:
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Yep. Good control management is the name of the game.
One day I went out to grab some fast food, but I left my wallet at home. My bank had a branch right next door, so I went in, explained my problem. With just the minimal info I had in my memory (nothing terribly secret) I was able to get $20 from my account. While it the customer service was nice, it left me a little concerned over the safety of my account.
Chances of any issues on site are not very good +Dan Thompson, banks have your photo in their databanks...when you open an account they copy your I.D. so the person would have to look alot like you. Online or over the phone....different story all together.
My banks is quite good (i think). When i lost my atm, customer service only let me to freeze the account after verifying personal info. To get replacement atm card and / financial transaction, i have to make police report first and hand the copy to them
Pro&cons of good customer service...
Make sure that when you call/test your bank, use a phone number that is not known to them. A bank account thief would most probably not get access to your phone, but a bank employee might consider a familiar phone number as a plus in the trustworthyness column, when she/he evaluates your request. So don't use your regular phone number which the bank might have on record, because if you do, it might falsify the outcome of the test/experiment.
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