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Chrome apps are surprisingly robust, useful, and usually free.
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damn skippy!  just need some microsoft office as much as i hate to say that.
Actually +Tony Cacaccio, Google Docs does a pretty good job of reading and working with Office documents.
Nice list! There are more than a few into which i'll be looking. Thanks :)
I'd hazard a guess to suggest that Chrome Apps have developed under the radar is because initially these apps were just glorified bookmarks and many of them still are so no one asides Google hardcore enthusiasts was really watching.
I use Chrome, but I'm still not sure that I understand why I'd want to use Chrome apps in the first place.  From my perspective, I want online applications, not things that have to be installed to my browser.  I can see no advantage to the Gmail or Calendar apps, for example.
I think their biggest issue is finding some way to integrate the chrome store and Google play. Maintaining two separate app ecosystems where the content is so similar is hard because they compete with each other.
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