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Cooking a tasty holiday meal for family and friends? Share these great tips to keep the kitchen - and dinner - germ-free from the folks at America's Test Kitchen!
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That's why I own 4 flexible plastic cutting boards... one for meat, one for poultry, one for fish, and one for everything else...
I bought a set of labeled, color-coded cutting boards off Woot a while back. Very handy.
Yeah, because listeria infected cantaloupe totally didn't kill 33 people last year.

Silly clueless vegans...
I'm glad you're vegan, too.  More tasty animals for me!
Silly illogical arguments ...
1. I don't trust nylon or plastic cutting boards for meat or poultry. I don't feel like they can ever get clean enough without high temp or hard chemical sterilization. I've worked in commercial food places that use high temp automated washers and triple sink sanitizer setups, which will destroy wood but is perfectly right for the nylon boards. For home cleaning (hot tap water and dishsoap) a decent hardwood board washed well between meat/raw veg ingredients, or two seperate boards for the respecitve types of ingredients, that is perfectly fine for the typical home kitchen. The newer bamboo work equally well except I find they chew up my knife edges.

2. From personal experience, I can say there is no perfectly vegan diet. Most medium to large scale vegan staple farming requires some kind of invasive animal life control, whether it be natural control of plant eating pests or squishing hornworms and cutworms with your fingers. All life is life, and all life feeds on life. 
Thank you +Eric Mercon ! I read your profile and posts, and added you to a circle. If this bothers you let me know and I will remove - I wish there was a more clear way to ask politely. I consider that basic human etiquette.
No worries, I find it rather complimentary when someone perceives me as interesting enough to want to follow my posts. Though I can see there being worries from a stalkerish aspect.
Like bacteria is nowhere to be found around us..... Good cooking and cleaning habits defenitely helps those with poor inmnune system.
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