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We used to pick our hard drives based (almost) solely on storage. Now there's so much to consider.
Dear Lifehacker,Solid-state drives (SSDs) are expensive and hard disk drives (HDDs) are slow. Now that you can buy a hybrid of the two, there are a lot of choices with varying costs.
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i use the comp mem to dump, the tera is for me to save
As long as the Drive can last 5+ years of intense usage ... takes a physical knock or two ... not lose my entire 1 TB of data ...

Hence Western Digital drives are DEAD LAST ... WD fails so many times it might as well have a RIP on arrival / purchase.
Does anyone have information about the long term reliability of SSD vs HDD?

It would seem that without moving parts, the SSD would be much more reliable. But I am sure other factors are involved.
keep it cool, i think that even with the writes limitation it will last you enough until you buy a new pc
+Ozl Lozano I don't know I have a couple old Pentiums I use that are 5 to 10 years old but if you buy a new computer every 3 years it might work
+manikantan r now u confuse me... i heard someone said using Seagate drives over 500GB is like a writing a death wish. Their fail rate is very high... so ofcourse by default that left me with WD but now u r saying this. Please elaborate :/
I give any kind of hard drive a 3 year life limit (even if it lasts longer) and i buy a hard drive at least 1 every year for backups and so i keep the cycle going xD
+Ozl Lozano Thats pretty dedicated but wouldn't it be better to build a small raid NAS and just swap out those drives every year and have everything back up to that over your network and then rotate the old Nas drives onto you non-essential box's until the drives die
you are right, ill do that the next time i want to backup stuff and its good now that i have about 3 TB of data xD
yeah its easy to rack up a couple TB in data from just pictures with some of the new camera's or if you do any video editing. but make sure you use raid 3 or 5 not 1 or 0 and use freeNAS or openmediavault for the OS
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