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Do you keep an emergency kit handy? This one is so small it can fit in any bag or even a pocket--but what do you keep in yours?
We've shown you some great tiny emergency kits in the past, but this one fits in a small pull bottle, and while it's not as well stocked as some of the others, it'll definitely do in a pinch, especial...
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To me this looks more like a Marijuana smoking kit ;)
Great.. Thanks for sharing. Your post might save someone's life some day...
A good emergency pack should include a sturdy cord that can be used to clamp arteries, build a wind-break, start a fire, build a bundle, etc. Perhaps a cord could be wrapped around the bottle...
2 other items that can be valuable and small are:
A WAD OF DRYER LINT: From your clothes dryer, it is very combustible and can be ignited to start a fire a pinch it could save your life...easily fits pill bottles as it compresses easily

A FLINT ROD: It is also rather small and can be used to spark even when wet very useful and works great with the lint...will fit in a medium sized pill bottle 
I forgot a few more items...A PAPER CLIP OR TWO: can be used for multiple purposes including turned into a fishing hook, a fastener for that piece of cord, (which if you need a string or cord and do not have one in your kit...USE YOUR SHOE LACES), a pinch use your imagination and make use of everyday items to save your self.
At first glance it looked like a drug kit.
lol. so it appears to an addict in the woods. lol. actually, could come in handy in such an emergency i but i like your humor. have a great day. 8D
I have an emergency kit in both cars and on my trike. I always like to be prepared.
That is a sweet little set-up; applause to whoever thought of it.
It seems to me that those who can't spell are the "stuped" ones LMFAO Ahhhh, the results of the educational system. Aren't they lovely?
I have seen this same emergency kit in a drug users pocket. Minus the fishing hook. And add a mini liter. If any users see this add they will tell the cops it's a survival kit they found off your site. lol
The res on my screen is so high that the picture is small and makes the matches look like pinner joints LMAO
hold on what is the fishing hook used for?????? and it does look like something drugies would carry around..
I think the fishing hook could be used for fishing along with the thread. Maybe it could be used to stitch up a wound.
true but they could use a needle instead i mean having to use a fishing hook to stich up a wound.... Sounds REALLY scary to me haha....
You want a fishhook rather than needle for the curve. Do you want to poke two holes in your skin where one would do? Plus you can drag a fishhook through instead of pushing it, it's all about leverage and speed.
im so lucky ive never gotten stiches, i mean even after all the times that ive fallen really hard and stuff i ve never had to get them...
Ha! I agree that using a fishing hook to stitch up a wound might sting a bit. But since almost all of my injuries in the field have been caused by a fish hook, I figure, how much more damage can it do?
Gotta love the increasing amounts of survival "hacks". I bet the amount continues to increase as we get closer to december..
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