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Coffee is delicious, but it's also so versatile!
The aroma and taste of a fresh cup of coffee doesn't have to be limited to your morning routine, or even to a beverage—it's remarkably easy to make coffee jelly that you can use as a topping for ice c...
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In japan we had coffee jello (came with a little packet of "sweet cream"... basically liquid coffee whitener... to pour on it)... it was everywhere...

We couldn't find it when we came back to Canada but found you could do it yourself by making plain jello (gelatin?) with coffee instead of fruit juice or soda or whatever.
coffee tastes nasty & smells even worse. I don't know why it's become so popular these days, it didn't use to be. But if you like it then great but please be mindful of that coffee breath...
now all we have 2 do is develop one that tastes like tea and i'll be fine
+Jeremy Dickinson To each his own, but the taste and smell of rich, black coffee is one of the greatest pleasures in life. You probably have only had that swill that passes for coffee that is served in most places.
I will someday go to Physic hands, zen... afraid???
This sounds really yummy... :) A new take on Jelly!
I would promise go.. physic test my palm... if it's not true, zen would piss off????? totally suck waste time?????
+Justin Alcorn I've never liked coffee in any form eg. I love ice cream but put coffee in it and it's one of the few things I'll spit back out. You're right "to each his own", very true but I often wonder why the phrase "why is it so hard to get a decent cup of coffee" so common if it naturally tastes so good.
that'd why everyone don't like me to go with him that called it's jealous... I don't think so he and I are good together in future..
ha ha... yeah, I don't really that kind of match a ice cream.. that's good thing, a rose palm must be fake..
so guess... it's keep up let me to talk with Jorge, not you.. is that cool??
pls let me to chat with J......... huh? how do your feeling that?
your physic test your palm, is that one of me??
what about zen feeling about c$ now? if you don't need me, up to you??
if zen would happy about it, then pls let me go now..
let me gonna go now.. my parent would not happy hear about me and zen.. do you know about it?? C$ bother it...
Elvia Alvarado hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii how r u
Nah, tea is better.
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