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This was a huge year for Android and Android fans, and we were there too, showcasing tons of great apps, how to pick a good ROM, how to install a new kernel, and more. Here's a look at the biggest Android stories of 2012:
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Raul Rios
And it's only going to get better!
Hoping for a Christmas celebration sale!
I was reading one of your posts and it says at one point "while some of us at life hacker believe that the iPhone is better for hacking and customizing"

Thanks for giving me a good laugh life hacker. Good one. 
Whats the theme called in the "5 best android launchers" article?
Disappointed in the fact that several of the articles are nearly 6 months old. A lot has changed in that time 
Yeah, I hate it when year-end lists include things that're more than a month old.
+Louis Nick, that's funny but I do agree with +John Case though.  

There is a difference between an end-of-year list and an unaltered compilation of articles.

You don't want to pick any ICS based ROM for your nexus device anymore... (a little side note would've helped)

Also, still recommend today without warning about their updated terms of use?
Snapseed didn't exist yet...
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