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You can also use the plastic spine of Sliding Bar Report Covers.  
Alternatively, you could buy a chef's knife roll for about £10/$15, and keep them safe and sharp, alongside your sharpening steel.
When moving I just put tape over the blades, folding it back on itself just past the sharp edge. 
I just wrap towels around the knives. I mean - the towels have to move too, anyway. And it's quickly done. I wouldn't feel like making a crafting project out of getting knives from one place to another.
i just stick the knife in my forehead i think it is one of the best life hacks
If you regularly changed the location of your knives, this might be worth creating. Otherwise, it seems a little pointless with the towel trick available.
I generally make a sheath from my last cereal box or whatever; cardboard's a lot sturdier than manila folders.
most knives fit pretty well into a paper towel or toilet paper tube.  Just flatten the tube.  If it's a VERY sharp knife, wrap/line the tube in duct tape.  We do this for knives in our Girl Scout camping bins.  

You can either put the knives-in-tubes into the bins directly (so you can take the sheathed knife out when you arrive) or tape the tubes to the insides of the bins (so you know exactly where the knives are within the bin).  

You could also nest the tubes (would have to cut or fold one) - or sheath a knife in tinfoil and then put it within a taped tube - so you can pull a still-sheathed knife out of the bin without having to root around for it.

Make sure the knives are well dried before storage, of course.  Don't want your tubes dissolving away.
Uh heard of camping?
They don't just sell cookies.
Um. I would never send anyone camping without a knife. On the other hand you seem to be from the UK where some group of concerned citizens are, of all the broken ideas, trying to ban Kitchen Knives. I am waiting to hear that you ban any object that weighs over 3 lbs, or anything with corners, because god man! Someone might act on deadly impulse and cosh his buddy over the head! Or hey, are you selling beer in plastic bags yet?

I apologize for the rudeness, but I am baffled with the idea of protecting children from every possible misadventure on the planet. Also I apologize if your entry was actually sarcasm. :)
And to stay on topic - duct tape or nylon fiber packing tape with cardboard work for shipping, cardboard tubes are good but yes, mark the pointy end first! 
+Osvaldo Yang, you are being annoying.  If you have no idea what to do in a kitchen, please shut up and let those of us who do continue this discussion with one another without your off-topic interruptions.
The knife storage is for our camping trips, not for selling cookies.  We don't tend to mix and match those.  Assume you were trying to be funny, +Osvaldo Yang .
dat victorinox chefs knife. I have one of those. Love it. people hate on victorinox because it doesn't cost 5000$ but its still a damn good knife.
use cardboard too; it works just as well, or just put the knives in a knife block
+James Zuber a lot of the commercial knives are just plain good enough compared to the Chicago Cutlery/Cutco/Etc. knives, for 1/2 to 1/10 the price.
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