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Working on being a better, healthier person has never been this much fun:
Getting into shape, changing your diet, slipping some exercise into your day, or overall taking the steps you need to take to live a happier, healthier life are all great ideas, but they can be diffic...
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Yes it is you have no idea the kind of pains and suffering I go through every day I work out at home and in the really gets me frustrated and pissed all the time,though I love to be in shape and all sometimes I just want to sleep and rest all year with not one exercise.Do you know the pains I went through just to get the coveted 6pack and the pains I go through to still maintain them?you know what no more complaining because if I do I will just go on and on all day long and the truth is no one forced me to go to the gym I made the decision so i just have to suck it up like a
I almost succumbed to sign-up fatigue when I went to the site, but I persevered and it seems like a great thing. Thanks for the link!
am happy with my family pack abbs...........its very easy to maintain all u gotta do is EAT.................
Nice site design, easy to sign up. All it lacks now is a) community and b) an actual reason to use the site (severely lacking in any sort of fun aspect).

For those that want to lose weight, etc., I've found Slimkicker to be pretty good. It's crazy easy to use and the people are fairly nice. However, an issue I have with all of these sites is how much better it would be if you just DID what you were going to accomplish instead of talking about what you're going to accomplish? It comes down to the fact that (and we're using fitness as this example) if you're at a desk chatting about fitness then you're not really actively trying to be fit, you're just engaging in another sedentary lifestyle choice.

Perhaps adapting this social aspect to a mobile device would be better (since you can carry your phone)...I don't know. It's got a ways to go in my opinion.
+Eric Holden Isn't that always the problem with these things? There's a huge difference between intentions and actions and it's so much easier to just sign up for the latest shiny gadget thank it is to actually go out there and make a difference in your own life.
I got some time on my hands and this looks pretty interesting. Signed up for fitocracy a while ago and didn't even do that. Maybe this will be different?
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