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Just one more reason to dial back on that Facebook addiction. And before you say "THAT'S WHY I QUIT FACEBOOK", keep in mind Facebook shares more than a few similarities with other social networks...
A new study has discovered a direct link between the number of friends you have on Facebook and how much of a "socially disruptive narcissist" you are—giving us one more reason to tone down our Facebo...
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+Kirsty Lawer , i don't think that's the case with G+ ... most of the people in my circles are total strangers and almost all of those strangers are in my circles because i get new information and help from them for various things i learn from them ... unlike facebook where people only share pictures and have a chit chat..
I agree. When I had a facebook, I kind of had a meltdown and deleted almost everyone, then I just deleted my entire profile. I'm more at peace and content. And now that I'm out of the matrix, I see how everyone tried their hardest to look like they had an awesome life. I even had a "friend" that would take a pic anywhere, even in the grocery store, and these were over-the-top pix where there was poses and everything.
Ikr thats what i mean!! ((: I am soo better off without it
I'm curious if this applies to Linkedin as well.
I got 48 friends on facebook and I really don't care. The only reason, why I am still at facebook is a hand full of old friends that is not on g+.
Wish the article had more data, and a larger sample group. Could be very interesting.
I'm happiest since I deleted my account.
I quit Facebook, to the scoffs and disbelief of certain friends. I feel that too many people rely upon it as a bulletin board for their own events (while not necessarily keeping up with what others post) to a degree that supplants normal conversation or even keeping in touch in e-mail. Now, people are forced to deal with me directly, or else the cruft I've accumulated will flake away.
I don't understand how Lifehacker chooses some article titles. Where did "unhappy come from? This article and the one it linked to talked about narcissistic behavior, not happiness. It feels like the author decided that this behavior implied unhappiness.
Also, some editors might have gone with "unhappier" over "more unhappy."
+John Ostrum Don't try to analyze it. Facebook sucks. And no one is interested in a scientific explanation. ;-)
@ Stephan, Yep, they just banned me (again) this time for 14 days because too many friends were attempting to befriend ME!!!!! So, I downloaded all my 3.5k photos to a private website in readiness for closedown. They are too rigorous or arrogant - not sure which. Jonathan
This business of blaming things on other things is getting old. Let me tell you, people who add more people on facebook than they are actually friends with have an issue to begin with, especially when they complain about people who are all dramatic in their lives. There's this thing called 'unfriend'-ing people.
Your 'friends' on facebook are not the reason to quit facebook, you are, for accepting those friends. And this business about being happy by deleting your account? Well, you can be happy with your account, no one is forcing you to be upset by checking your fb newsfeed every 5 minutes, you are doing this to yourself.
It's "videogame violence creates real life violence" all over again.
That very concept is why I NEVER had a Facebook and refuse to have one. I had a MySpace and was never on it. It's a waste of time and emotion.
Hang on - the commentary here and in the linked article seems to be saying that having more Facebook friends cause narcissism, but correlation does not imply causation.

The implication that you can change your personality for the better by being less active on social networks seems ill-founded.
Because it's a correlation, it can't be determined if Facebook turns people into narcissists, or if narcissists are drawn to Facebook.
I don't find it ill-founded but rather badly reasoned and explained. The theory and concept is sound but the wording is quite lacking. The part I believe that is not regarded enough in this is that these said "narcissisits" already had a predetermined disposition towards that personality type.
I closed my Facebook, and are feeling happier without it. For me closing meant blocking everything for everyone, except my message that I closed and that they can find me on Google Plus. Changed my profile pic to a closed sign too. I feel more in control with Plus, and don't have to have a degree in chemical engineering to figure out how to use the site (oh wait, I do have one. Well, you get the picture)
Oh wow, they must have diagnosed the people via internet. :/
I dont have any friends so i guess thats why i'm happy
"if you are a COLLEGE STUDENT..."
If I look at the number of friends I have on Facebook I guess I can tell I am a really happy guy :)
the problem with facebook is simple. who could keep so many friends
some ppl have over 318 friends on face book. that is plain ridiculous. thats another way of saying i have ppl i dont keep in touch with
I have a lot of friends on Facebook but I have been all over the world and in the military etc. I like knowing how my friends are doing even though I may not chat with them everyday or even once a week.
then there are the weird ones who will now finish speaking to some one on fb and call them on the phone. whats wit that
Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family across the globe. I say, love it for what it is and try and forget the rest.
Being unfriended is now one of the worst social snubs you can do to a person. Really? Cultural insanity!
Whats all this i am hearing about google+ not going to be as popular as facebook & twitter. I prefer google+
I way prefer Google +
I have 60 friends. I'm fuckin happy!
Just quit facebook, couldn't handle the overload in junk - If it was quality content I'd stay but it's not - linked in way more business oriented and Google + I find good for technical discussions etc :)
i am constantly deactivating my fb account. no offence, but encountering an x on fb is a recipe for disaster. i learned that some ppl remain mentally insane forever
I disagree. I'm a total social reject shut-in and my friend's list is only about 30 or so.
+Ella Lagomarsino All of these psychological studies are performed on college students who (in my opinion) are NOT representative of the general population. I'm almost 45. I have all these Facebook friends because of professional circles AND because I'm old and have been in so many different social circles...
I was in a social circle once........a long time ago
face book as developed a whole new vocabulary of its own. i often have to ask, what does that mean?
The statistical analyst in me asks "Which is cause and which effect?" Unhappy people might seek solace in FB or doing most of your interactions on FB (and thus having more FB friends) could be unsatisfying or it could even be a correlation without causality.
where i live many teenagers have problems interacting with people on a one to one level. it has even affected their reading and writing skills. they write how they speak. smh
As far as I know this was more or less proven to be an invalid research because of the people chosen and the questions answered. We discussed it at length during this weekend's conference
I removed my account completely the moment I got access to G+ beta. :) I just dislike Facebook kid spam. Not really into who broke up with who, who needs more money in games and stuff like that.
Watch ur language sorry but I know tats harsh also the timeline is a easier way to look at stuff on facebook I think u should get it 
facebook doesnt post things like this about g+, No place for hate.
facebook doesnt post things like this about g+, No place for hate.
'ur'? This kidgin is why everyone thinks our kids are stupid.
I love Facebook. It's so easy to stalk people who don't set Privacy Settings it's crazy and even still, it's not that difficult either. You gotta love technology it's bringing us closer without even realizing it.
That's quite a generalization. I have a lot of "friends" on FB, but it's just because I play a couple games where you need many neighbors.
I have hundreds of friends also in FB, 70% of them are not really my close friends. Some just acquaintances & friend of my friends. But I still keep using it 'coz I find it interesting to know the whereabouts & activities of my family & friends. Though sometimes I find it boring and annoying because of some comments that hurt me, still I don't want to close my account because it's useful in anyway. Google+ is another thing that I found interesting. To have circle of friends totally stranger to me is amazing! Then here I discover a lot of new things. I like it!
social networking sites boils down to how u use it and what u choose to tolerate
No not really it just says that you don't have a life.
lol, that's pretty much it... I think you hit the Nail on The Head...
Very true! I'm so narcissictic that I had to turn my facebook page into a fan page!
That sounds alot like what I'm going to be like in about three years, at the age of 21, +Eric Musehl . For the moment, taking as much in of everything, filtering of the bad from the few good ones to come in the future. Think it just means you've gotten to the point where you know what IT is.
Yes very right!if u have many friends on fb they'll eat up ur mind! Really i've experienced it!
Only use facebook to play Words with Friends!!
We are all very biased on this point.
Ya, without those red indicators of status updates, life is just so empty. I know, instead of venturing out into the real world, I will add more "friends" and if that doesn't work, I will just add more, yeah, that's the ticket ?;-)
There's an old adage in marketing: don't bash the competition. The words are bitter and difficult to swallow if that time ever comes.
This article is pathetic. I'd like to know how they developed causation between facebook and unhappiness when all they did was survey some students. Correlation does not equal causation! Also, the article mentions nothing about the survey measuring happiness levels. Bad reporting.
+Stephan Mandok better get those friends on over here where the grass is greener!!!!! Google plus betcheeeessssss!!!!!!!
I love how people displace all responsibility for themselves and blame the platform. I am connectetd to great people on all of the platforms, here, facebook, twitter, all of them. Each of us creates our own experience based on whom we choose to surround ourselves with and what we choose to discuss. Facebook doesn't make people unhappy. Happiness is a simple choice. If you are not happy then you have a problem and it's up to you to fix it. Period.
Facebook is like a step mum from hell....always update status
That is due to you not anybody else.If you are unhappy any place even facebook is not on anybody else except you!
IDK!! but i ok by facebook and any others socialnet! eat me!!
actually its true i'm a fb user n i noe it well it seriously makes u feel unhappy....!!
I avoided FB for YEARS, but recently got sucked in. A running group I'm a member of does all their coordination on there via a private group. Number of FB friends = 10 (lots more in the group, those are just the only ones I've friended on there). :P
+Abdurahman Ali Great advice. I know I won't have as many friends on G+ because most of them were chased away by the draconian name policy :P
face book is the most disturbing agent of students
best way is to be limited in it or deactivate it
No thanks, Facebook is dead to me!
I have no friends on here, yet i dont care lol
not on facebook and dont care about," Donny and his new pet fish Leo"
I Have My Fb As Well As G+ Accounts, But I Like To Use G+ More.

It Connects You To The Whole World, Not Like Fb; If It Says The Post Is Public Then It Is Really Public On G+, G+ Is More Secure Than Fb
Interesting comments. Evidence suggests that one of the 5 known ways to improve wellbeing is to have social connection. This does not include social networking sites, but real face to face connection. Also a recent survey found that 70%+ of the key words people used on social networking sites like facebook were negative which reinforces yuor comments about more facebook = less happiness.
I have not mush on my pags inney oh way wipy do for friends on thare.
I only use G+ & tumblr anymore. It makes things interesting and funny. (that new update they have STINKS) »funny the wife complained about the NEW OLD facebook« More people need to give G+ a try...
I was kicked off Facebook because I looked up three other women with the same name as myself. Facebook decided I had a fake name and threw me out
Yay to all who dropped the facebook. It's like an old communal flat where everybody rumors/shows off/dramatizes about each other
i mean really facebook is fetting out of control, is better mxit,lol
People agreeing with this article clearly fall in the category of the people it's describing. It's about the friends you keep. It's about how you set up your newsfeed to treat their posts. G+ isn't better than facebook (or Twitter), primarily because G+ IS facebook (and Twitter), except for the people on it. G+ is too young, it hasn't gained the kind of momentum the other two have, and it hasn't attracted the overly dramatic, constantly posting every-little-detail-about-their-day nitwits.
Your facebook can be exactly like your G+, if you only chose the correct people. So saying "I've felt so happy ever since I deleted my facebook" is pointless, cos if you had the same people on G+, you'd have deleted this by now too. Oh, and no one's forcing you to be all unhappy about other people's posts, least of all facebook. Honestly people, instead of trying to be all intelligent, actually do it, please. Humanity needs you.
you can do all what you do but you get what you plant
its true ,you get back what you put into something
I agree :)
because of that I deactivate my facebook approximately from 1 month ago
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