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One of my favorite first world problems: My tap water isn't cold enough. (Seriously though, it isn't.)
Redditor violenciarivas shares a tip for making sure your filtered water pitcher is always full. I know what some of you are thinking: "Uh, why don't you just remember to refill it?" You are the 1%, ...
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Brita pitchers are one of the BEST household items you can own... :)
If i do this I will have to wait a minute or two for the the water to filter into the bottom or it will spill out when i fill my glass.
Call me old fashioned but this sounds like a solution looking for a problem....
wierd as hell way to explain "Fill it as you take it"
Why not just get another glass and fill it up after you pour your share? Nobody wants to do this water juggling act….
I normally pour what I need and refill the Brita, always keeping it topped off allows for one or two "forgets"
Why the hell would you put an empty water pitcher back into the fridge?
Brita filters are great for one reason alone. You can turn any cheap vodka into a very expensive vodka just from filtering it a few times. Thank you myth busters.
I have a line on the outside of mine. If the water's below that line, I fill it up before I put it in the fridge.
Simple and effective. I like it....oppp! I mean I "+1" it.
do you realize those pitchers aren't really worth the money spent on them? for less than 200 you can have a reverse osmosis filter system put in (even a temp/rental property) and have TRULY pure refill required ;-) just sayin.
+HoosierDiva Cheney If you do install one of those systems, you would still have to fill up a regular pitcher and put it in your fridge.

When you buy one of these filter pitchers, it's not just about having filtered water on hand, it's about having very cold filtered water on hand.
Filtered water is just for us and the dogs so complete system isn't that necessary besides we have well water so it's not that bad anyway....
I only use filtered water for our fishtank, and is too cold from the tap. I only filter it as our water is a little hard.

(Then again, I live in UK, where the government are legally required to provide clean water; I still can't believe Bush overturned the Clean Water Act to allow natural gas drilling!)
that's because Bush was a money grabbing moron!
+Justin Bond but do you realize that those 'filter' pitchers actually don't really 'filter' the impurities out of the water? generally only 'particles' ...and yes, i know that isnt' the point, but if you have better water, trust me...even from the faucet 'cold', makes a huge difference.
NYC tap water tastes great as long as your old building doesn't have lead main.

I think it is pretty filtered before it hits my tap but i do use a filter too
Thanks for the tip! Now I can use my Brita again.
Wait, you can refill these as you use them? This is perfect timing, actually! I was running out of fridge space from all the empty pitchers I had to keep replacing.
+1 for recognizing that it really is a first world problem. Just imagine if you had to hike 2 miles to get any water, and that likely wouldn't be chlorinated or otherwise treated - you wouldn't be complaining about the temperature...
Is this engineer having a prioritization issue?
Funny, the only thing the Brita type (carbon based) filters actually do is remove the chlorine, not the true impurities water...but i guess as long as it tastes good, that is what seems to really matter. Surely your drinking water supply is safe 'enough'...right
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