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How serious are you about getting in shape? "Cut the power to your electronics or fridge if you don't get off the couch" serious? If so, this hack is for you:
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I would still probably find a way not to exercise.
Bah. Just clip the thing on the dog's collar.
you just need an exercise bike with the wheel hooked up to a generator plugged into it.  How hard would you need to peddle just to watch 30 mins of TV?
You could probably keep the TV going as long as you could cycle.  A rider can easily generate 1000 watts, a TV takes less than 500.
+Skip Huffman  Physical fitness permitting  :)))  I think we have just solved the nations obesity problems.
Really, Skip Huffman? 1000 watts generated on the bike is not that easy, considering that the average cyclist needs to average close to 400 watts to go ~25 mph/40 kph. It took me over 10 years of rigorous training and competition with the pros to get even close to that kind of output.
Thank you.  I accept corrections. I just found watt outputs for bicyclists on the internet and accepted it.  Are you trying to say that some information on the internet isn't accurate? 
+Skip Huffman  +Elizabeth Ruiz  That would be some intensive TV.  There was an experiment done (on the BBC i think) a while ago about average household energy usage and a massive team of cyclists had to keep the electricity running to all the devices that were in use in the house.  The biggest problem they had was things on standby or kettles being boiled for no apparent reason.  It does make you think though.
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