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Good news everyone! The iOS 6.x jailbreak is finally here and we've updated our guide to show you how to install it, step by step.
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I think you mean warranty-voiders.  I don't think jailbreaking is now illegal, only unlocking w/o carrier consent.

But, I could be wrong.
Lol. I got it. But it's an open forum and just wanted to remind everyone that it is legal ;-)
jailbreaking is not anything like putting a custom rom on, more like rooting. 
I've been on the fence about jailbreaking my iPad2 for a while.  Sounds like it's time to make the leap.
+Brock Hatfield Try not to take it personally.  It happens to me occasionally too.  I have to constantly remind myself that on the internet, no one can see you smirk.
For Apple it's jailbreak, for Android it's rooting...Apple makes it sound so criminal. Of course owning an Apple could be considered criminal.
IMO, owning Apple stuff is fine, as long as you treat it like just another hammer instead of a religious experience.
If you really feel the need to jailbreak, get an Android next time. A lot of the jailbreak functionality included out-of-the-box, no root required. 
Thank you! Happy Jailbreaking everybody!
If you own an i Device - jailbreaking will set it free. I don't use non jailbroken iPhones, I need to customize and tweak the shit outta the os. I did make the switch about 3 months back from an iPhone 4 jailbroken with TONS of tweaks to the DROID RAZR HD. I prefer Android over iOS because I can do so much more with it than iOS without a jailbreak or root. My brother still has the iPhone 4 and I'll be jailbreaking that pretty soon. 
Where are all the iHaters and their "clever" Android comments? 
Just finished my jailbreak. Now I'm waiting for Cydia to calm down so I can download something :)
Just wish phone and SMS gv integration were 6.1 compatible !
Wow, so much ignorance. +Mike Corbett Tell me how you can theme Android's status bar without root on stock rom? You can't. Just as you can't theme icons system wide (not just launcher, everywhere such as task switcher), without root. +Todd Pamperin Are you serious? Do you honestly think "Apple" came up with the term "jailbreak"? FFS. G+ is a cesspool of clueless Android people mouthing off about stuff they don't have the slightest knowledge on.
+Piero Lecca No. If everything goes fine no data is lost. BUT do a local (don't waste your time with iCloud) backup in iTunes first.
Josh and Corey, either way the term is used for Apple whether they came up with it or not. Seems some people get a little sensitive about certain topics.....sheeez!
Ohhh the ability to add more icons and run third party software... ohhhh Go buy an android geniuses. .. haha
+Todd Pamperin  So your attacking Apple because of a name they had no involvement in creating? Yeah, that's totally logical. Grow up.
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