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We love Vlingo, but if you want to be on the bleeding edge, Vlingo Labs has some very Siri-esque features Android users will love:
Android: Vlingo is still our favorite virtual assistant for Android, but even it doesn't offer all of the features and tight integration that Apple's Siri does in iOS.
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i hate vlingo. i had to root my sgs2 just to get rid of it.
So, you create an ICS only app but you choose to include the menu button whereas it is not present in the reference terminal (Galaxy Nexus) and will create an ugly black border to incorporate it on terminal that don't have software touch nor an hardware menu button like the One X.
Are you doing bad software on purpose Vlingo ?
I don't see the point. I just tried it, and it doesn't work any better (or worse) than the default text/voice field at the top of my home screen; the only difference is that it has a woman's voice repeating back to me my query, which is completely unnecessary.
Speaktoit Assistant is the best virtual assistant for Android. Hands down. (No I don't work for them)
Speaktoit's Assistant is pretty good.
Its expensive, but Eva is the best program I've used, and I've used them all. She will do every task for you, including letting you know what Facebook friends have birthdays, and take notes.
I was unable to install it on my Asus #Transformer #ICS
I had a previous version of Vlingo that came installed on my Galaxy S2 and it was awful. Root -> Remove.
I must agree with +Joel George . Speaktoit isnt perfect but its far better then rest of competitions on android market. That also have hickups, ppl which aren't native English speakers know what I'm talkin...
have not tried speaktoit but I like cyman it not complete the devs are still working on it but it works nice and they are continually working on it adding more functions
I hate VLingo! It's the single most important reason why I upgraded my SGS2 to ICS. I deleted the useless app via GoLauncher.
Yeah, that Vlingo kept shouting 'What would you like to do?' whenever I didn't press the home button in exactly the right way has made me rather negative about installing it on my Xperia S!
Another thumbs not-so-up on Vlingo. When it first arrived as an option for Android it was very cumbersome. I had no interest in it when the built in voice commands did more things that were more practical and more accurate. Playing around with the GSIII Vlingo software I will say it is far better than previously but still not enough to want to use in place of the built in voice options on ICS.
#Vlingo u suck ... lol .. but a see potencial to be great in the future.
Ugo Ano
Definitely, Cyman is the way to go
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