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Google Drive is real! Not to mention awesome, and pretty cheap to boot.
Google Drive, the long-rumored web-based file storage tool, launches for real today. It's a little Dropbox, a dash of Google Docs, all with the amazing organization and search power you've come to exp...
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Doesn't seem to work with the Dev version of Win8. Seems I'm sticking with Dropbox.
How are the files encrypted? And what are the TOS regarding Google's use of the data?
I'm slightly confused by the "Activity" tab, is this supposed to replace "Home" from Google Docs?
+Steve Kirkpatrick Skydrive only offers 5GB of syncing storage so it's pretty even. And I'm pretty sure everyone has 50GB Box accounts so their 25GB doesn't even matter.
rudy s
Is this why Microsoft suddenly gave me 25GB of free storage today?
Hopefully it makes dropbox up their free limit to 5gb!
Anyone know what port Drive uses? Corporate network is blocking it so I need to implement some workarounds.
From the article "can upgrade to 25GB for $2.49 a month, 100GB for $4.99 a month, or even 1TB for $49.99 a month" Pretty good pricing!
Where's the Linux support?
+Jon Shay What error are you getting exactly? I can't install it either, but I don't know why.
I've installed mine, but cannot find where to configure the proxy server... can someone help me with this?
I agree, Linux support is a MUST have for me.
+John Mayson I get "Google Drive cannot connect to Internet. Please check your Internet connection".
+Jon Shay Okay, your error was different that mine. I finally got mine to work.
A shame that it means pre-existing customers using Picasa/Google Photos web storage suddenly see their costs triple from $20 to $60 per year without any additional features.
Doesn't seem to support multiple accounts on a Mac (not sure about PC), the Android App does though. Every time you sign out off the Drive on a Mac it forgets where you had your docs last time and asks you to sync the whole lot again into a new directory, although it leaves them on the Mac
So... What's the big deal? There's several reasons I doubt I'll be using this service. Not that I have anything against google, but other services have been offering much more space for a lot longer and have already secured my "business" (even though they're free) for example has given me 15GB free with a desktop client, browser access, and an android client. +Box has me at like 50GB after their last promo. I also have a vps that comes with 10GB of space... The android app is 4.6mb too? To up/download files? At least they're opening the API.
I'm hearing fairly reliable word that for Google Apps users, even individual, family, none organisation based, private persons such as myself who use Google Apps Free Edition for five family members only, that Google Drive is still around TWO WEEKS away, even on the Rapid Deployment path. But that's nothing, I'm also hearing that the pricing structure for Apps users will be very different (and higher), than none Apps users. If so, the second point is absolutely disgusting.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not trying to re-open the old Free Lunch debate around GApps itself. But I AM saying this... Google, now having elected to offer us sole individuals, not profit, not company based, just me and four family sorts, the functionality of GApps for free, is done and dusted. And that being the case, it's deplorable, and arguably entirely wrong, to accept that we are a mere sole individual, not a company etc, when offering us free GApps, but now seek to charge us in an entirely different way to other users of Google Drive for that instead though.

I fully expect that this highly controversial decision will lead to lots of debate, likely heated, in the Tech World, in the coming days, if it proves true!
But no Linux client!

(I know, has already been said)
Alright, so who's making the tool to consolidate the Google Drive storage across multiple Google accounts?
+John Mayson Nothing here, and reports that Google themselves stated same. Nice to hear you have it now though. Now if only the second part could be proved wrong too. What pricing structure are you seeing if you pretend to upgrade? Same as everyone else, or higher?
Yeah, I can already see the race to create gmail accounts. Create a thousand accounts and have 5TB of cloud storage! If you could merge 3, why not a thousand. :)
Its argueably thr best thing out there right now with regards to pricing and being able to upload near enough any file type you wish.
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