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iPhone users rejoice: Dropbox for iOS now has automatic photo uploading, plus 3GB of free space for all who use it:
iOS: Dropbox has updated its iOS app to include automatic photo uploading, a new gallery view, and the ability to get more free space by uploading photos and videos.
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If we already nabbed the camera upload space from the desktop & android offers, would we still be eligible for more free space from ios?
Dropbox is helping Apple play catchup to Google+'s Instant Upload feature.
That's like half of a G+ account:)
Apple user: Android? What's Android? My iPhone is beeeeeautiful!
Android user: been here, already got that. And thankful that there are iThings for the herd so they don't bother me every day w/ stupid questions... ;)
its not really an android/iphone issue. both have automatic upload for google+. the question is what does dropbox give us that google+ doesn't (besides less storage space)? does it drain the battery life as much? is there really a benefit to synching across computer folders when you can just as easily open up a web browser?
Havent gotten the new update yet really pissed 
Dropbox is scrambling for attention after Google Drive launched. Dropbox is still the most popular cloud storage tool as far as I know, but Google is already doing it better.
Actually it kinda is..because that feature was already in the Android client. But you're right, I was speaking to the bigger issue, and not trying to slam either side...rather, just grateful that there are options and that those options give me freedom to choose, and freedom from my
I can't wait for Google Drive to come out in iOS.
Great another user name and password I have to remember. I enjoy Google's single sign-on experience. But more business for Amazon who provides Dropbox the storage, and to fund their Android-based tablet.
+tony savastano one thing I can think of off hand is that dropbox syncs the pics/vids as is. G+ will automatically resize the file to keep it with in the free size limit... Depending on what your doing, that might be an issue
+David Kim Give LastPass a go for password management and auto-signon. Cross browser, crossplatform, cross device.
+Brett Freeman : And give them the keys to my kingdom? I'll pass--pun intended. I'll stick with the Google federation.
+David Kim  Fair enough. However, Lastpass won't work with dual authentication, which should always be used if available. I use it, and you obviously do as well. So good on us. (Rhetorical QOTD: what % of users actually take advantage of dual-authentication? I'm guessing 1% of 1%..... ;)
+David Kim And TBC, I was advocating it's use in a general sense..there's no way I could keep track of all of the passwords I have w/o some tool.
+tony savastano I'm not sure who got the most lulz from that, me, or my kids. Good stuff!  (You just won QOTD in my house... :D
+David Kim yahoo answer users called. they want their understanding of how trolling works back. 
Couple of things

+David Kim You are not giving lastpass the keys to your kingdom, in fact they don't get any keys at all.  All encryption occurs on your system before ever gets to Lastpass.  Lastpass does not have a way to decrypt your data.  In fact, Lastpass never even sees your password.

+Brett Freeman I use Lastpass with multifactor, it works fine.  There are several ways to do it.  First, it works with Google Authenticator, second you can use a Ubikey, or there is Grid Multifactor Authentication, which lets you print out a grid of letters and numbers that you keep in your wallet or some such.  
G+ gives unlimited space for photo uploads.  Unfortunately, they don't auto-sync like the other docs (yet?) but they show up where I want 'em!  Using the G+ iOS client, you can set it to auto-upload when you're on Wifi - nice!
For those accusing iOS of not having something like this built in, iCloud backs up your photos and every other apps data every night when you plug in your phone.
+Andrew Edison - I wish they would make the iPhoto portion of iCloud more sharable, or even able to be viewed online.  For me the best part of iCloud is the calendar and find my-I-Device.  Can't tell you how many times I've found my son's iPod with it, or gotten my wife's attention when I am trying to call her and she has the ringer hard switch off.  Switch off? No problem. Get's her attention. She's not a big fan of it...
+Stephen Lange I agree with what you say about iCloud. That's why I'll participate in the dropbox backup as well. Can't hurt to have it backed up in multiple places.
Dropbox is better than iCloud.
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