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Shhh! Shutting up may help you achieve your goals:
Shouldn't you announce your goals, so friends can support you? Isn't it good networking to tell people about your upcoming projects? Doesn't the law of attraction mean you should state your intention,...
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yes!!!!! I am finally vindicated!
Interesting. Although in some cases support is needed and also one needs to work with others to achieve the goal.
it depends on what type of motivations you have for accomplising things. i find at times, its just best to have already invested a bit of sweat equity in the project before your release it.
I'm in the process of starting a business now and talking to friends about it has hugely augmented the amount of work i am able to accomplish.
This I would have to disagree on.  I have actually found that I a more invested in my goals if they are known.  That is why I share my Endomondo and #c25k  progress.  That is why I talk about school.

By exposing your goals and self to potential watcher you more likely to accomplish them for fear of being accountable to them.  Even if someone is not actively listening to you, they will miss the noise and inquire about the silence.  By yourself, you can sneak delays in easier as you do not feel the eyes upon you.

Since I have decided to live my health, education, and career goals opening, I have found pushing from all sides.  I am constantly asked by my customers and coworkers about school.  Coworkers and friends ask about my running.  I have also been contacted by strangers on G+ with positive feedback on my running training.  

Given the right tools you can be honest with your audience and honest with yourself about the progress and not deny movement.  
+Jonathan Warden I had to quit smoking publicly and use my other public goal activities to re-enforce it.
Put the goals in the mind, not only in the mouth. Sometimes, it helps putting the goals solely in the mind and not in the mouth. Silence is golden...
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