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Cleaning out your car's trunk is one thing, but it's just as important to make sure you have emergency gear in there. What do you keep in your car's trunk?
If the trunk of your car seems to be a place that random junk goes to die, there's no time like the present to clean it out. Thankfully, the decluttering masters at Unclutterer have a great guide to d...
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Spare outfit, Blade, flares, flashlight, Beach towel, and DieHard Platinum Portable Power 1150 with Jump-Starter - DC/AC/USB Power Source- and 150 PSI Air Inflator. 
A tarp and rope.  Just like every pickup truck owner and serial killer.
The good ol' Security Anti Theft Monkey... And some basic tools.
Emergency gear: jumper cables and subwoofer.
Power inverter, air compressor, flares, first aid kit, maglite, sonic screwdriver, railgun, potatoes.
Inflatable kayak + gear, three pairs of high heels, 4 bottles of water, and an umbrella.
Dead bodies, normally 2, some times 3...
If I owned a truck I would keep one of those smart cars in the back in case of emergency lol then load that with survival gear. 
+Marshall Burgwin And a Moped in the trunk of the smart car.  And Roller Skates in the basket on the back of that.
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