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Any 4-Hour Workweek fans here? Tim Ferriss chatted with us about his new book, The 4-Hour Chef, his favorite apps, gadgets, tunes, and more. Check it out!
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Big time fan! Thanks for this awesome article!
Four hour work week is only possible if you run a scam that says its possible to have a four hour work week.
Mark JH
I read his book when it was released back in 07', which was about 1 year after starting my own business. I'm 22 now and work 4 hours or less a week. Highly recommend his book to simply open your eyes to a different way of viewing work at the least.
Mark JH
Of course, don't quite your day job until you have reached a consistent income level that provides fully for your needs. I worked during the day then would come home and work 12-14 hours on my own business in the beginning. As you can imagine I didn't sleep much but that's exactly where the 4 hour work week book comes into play, it's a blueprint on how to get more done in less time.
Crazy to see this on my Gnex as I'm listening to him on Joe Rogan's podcast. 
Strange +Mark JH you say you started your own business but you don't promote it on your Google+ profile.
It's amazing Tim didn't outsource this interview. 
AYA want to ask you the same question
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