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When's the last time you replaced your pillows? Or cleaned your keyboard? You're using things every day that are perfectly fine (where "fine" is defined as "functional"), but that, frankly, are absolu...
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Maybe I'm a bit anal, but I clean everything listed in this article regularly!
Not cleaning has helped my immune system...hee hee.
On Call For Help on TechTV (RIP) they put the corded keyboard in the dishwasher. After drying thoroughly, it worked fine.
Tossed my phone away.... :) kidding, still is a very nice article and important too.
Lysol does wonders, on the keyboards and the pillows...
And yet, with all of this filth and bacteria i'm not dead?? Relax, take a chill pill, and just learn to live with life being dirty.
Before anyone accuses us of being germophobes, we're not! Moderation is key, we're just saying "hey, there are a few places you might want to scrub up when you do your regular tidying that you may not normally look." :)
Man, that thing about a pillow doubling its weight... That's disgusting.
Good article. It's just a reminder to use good hygiene 
I've had my pillow for like 5 yrs....I love it paid like $60 for one of those microfiber memory foam jobbies....Although I clean my keyboard, mouse, desk everyday. Clean TV remotes, fridge and kitchen handles too!
Nice way of becoming a cleaning maniac and then wonder why you have all the allergies in the world.
I'm with you - VIRUSES are a serious problem today and sometimes our immune system is the only help!
I was thinking of buying a new pillow mine was already getting lumpy but seriously, more than twice it's weight from crap, that's disgusting, I'm picking a new one like in an hour.
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