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Windows 8's $40 price tag is a pretty good bargain, but $15 is even better! Here's how to grab it for that price...while the loophole lasts:
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will it find out that my win7 is a ripped off developers edition?
I did that on Sunday. Totally works. And it's AWESOME!!!!!
Or you can get a TechNet account and get every version of windows and Office (even the ones for Mac) for an initial $200 and $150 to renew each year.
No one wants to use your shitty linux.
Can't play BF3, the new MOH, Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Dishonored on your 'free' OS now can you? Different strokes for different folks :-)
When are you supposed to give the code? I moved until the point that I have to enter credit card info. So far I have not been able to enter the code. 
u never heard of valve ?  linux got game , and plays some games at better res G/flops  than windows , what do i care get the windows8 in the bargain basement while its hot  :/
This is deceitful, but hilariously enough, I got a Microsoft Store employee to admit it works and that everyone who's connected already knows about it. ;)
i got a microsoft employee to clap outside the M$ store the other day
That's what I did today and I regret. Windows 8 is the worst Windows I have ever used. When Microsoft announced it, I was pretty excited, because I like mobile OS's like iOS and Android and the idea of a store to get your apps from. The problem is that Windows 8 is so poorly executed that it hurts. Desktop mode is nice as always, but metro is nice only as long as you don't open any apps. If you do, then you notice how little you can do with them and how unintuitive they are. Even iOS and Android apps would do better on my desktop - apps designed for phones and tablets instead of desktop computers! Windows 8 is not about no compromises, it's all about compromises. I think it's time to buy a Mac, because user experience on them has always been great. Windows for gaming.
I got the same Microsoft Store employee to state that they're like the Apple store, but without the pretentious bs. ;)

I honestly love Microsoft stores, if only because their attitude is so much cooler.
What about valve?  The fact they are just now bringing steam to linux and the library will be extremely limited compared to PC, or even the Mac library?  As well as flash no longer being supported by linux and overall lack of support by many other companies?

No thanks, I'll gladly spend $15 for a fully supported OS.
The bloated GUI is a non issue for me as I use classic shell... moving along now to complaints beside the new GUI...
The magic solution, +Paweł Fydrych is just to hang out on Windows 7 until Windows 9. The proper way to do Windows is to skip even numbered versions. Everyone knows that.
This guy ^^ (Cirrus) He's not bright because he wants support for the latest and greatest... mm hmm -_-
latest ? winnt kernel is 20 years old ,  my kernel is days old ??
What's the argument about? Windows 8 sucks anyway. 
+Cirrus McMinor Hey, Linux fanboy. Most people don't want a system that takes 8 hours per week to troubleshoot compatibility issues.
I said support for the latest software I never said anything about the kernel stop trying to make arguments where there are none...
+Jake Weisz  hey is for horses , i can see you have never used linux , and if so it was a number of years ago , theres no maintaining now , the noob distros work out of the box. /dev/null/
JC Car
Wow!  We can definitely see the results of Microsoft's 1.5 billion dollar marketing budget at work this week!  lol
+Cirrus McMinor I'm a full-time System Administrator, we run Linux web servers. I also have played with multiple Linux distros at home. And I converse with and follow a wide variety of heavy Linux users.

Would you like to rephrase?

Also, hay is for horses, hey is for calling out idiots.
Great tip... lie and you can save money.  Guess Lifehacker is now Lifethief.
id love to continue but i gotta put my kid to bed , i just thought id let you malware prone windows users know there is a better way.
^ Classic beaten behavior.

Any one with a good malware/virus program can protect against attacks, without lifting a finger.  The only reason Linux users don't worry about it is because no one wants to waste their time creating an attack that only afftects 1% of the computer market.
microsoft been stealing from others for years so its just deserts imo
+Cirrus McMinor We're aware of the more painstaking way to avoid viruses. (Other than common sense, which works for most people just fine.)
+Jake Weisz  are you aware of the backdoors in all windows OS ?   ask any backtrack user
+Cirrus McMinor I have my copy of BackTrack around here somewhere...

Dude, you're not smarter than us, you're just a fanboy.
i didnt come here to flame , i came to try and educate , but i guess u cant fix stupid , keep payin that piper guys
If I was beaten, I wouldn't be able to play the games that I want to play... which I can... anything Linux and iOS can do Windows can do and more. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not saying Windows excels in certain aspects over another OS, I'm saying most things these days use Windows, as a gamer and system builder I find there no point in bitching about something one has to use to keep up with the times. I make do with what I have, ignore the stuff I don't like and carry on with life...
I did that myself, however ultimately decided that I didn't want Win8 on a PC. I played with a laptop there (as I was going to install on a laptop) and pretty much agree with everyone else - Windows 8 is designed for touch devices, like smartphones and tablets.

I did play with the Surface, however, and I did like it and am very tempted to buy one. I'm waiting to see what's in the app store and how it works with everything. Using Word wasn't too buy with the touch keyboard.
Jake Weisz
For the record, my troll humiliation services are provided free, and as a public service to the community. *takes a bow*
+Jake Weisz  i think you are a fool, any sysadmin that dismisses the security benefits of linux is never a sysadmin , id say you were the idiot my friend.  horses eat hey.
+Cirrus McMinor <- Doesn't know how to spell "hay". Thinks "hey" is the same word. Thinks he can tell me about computer security.

/sigh. Linux has it's benefits. It also has it's downsides. Linux fanboys are morons who should run off into their own little world, while intelligent people continue to select the operating system that is best suited for the task at hand.
lol windows users intelligent PMSL   however i agree you should use whatever works for you, even if you do give up your digital freedoms in the process
Pretty sure they figured it out, because I couldn't do it without an eligible Windows 7 key.
+Cirrus McMinor Intelligent users don't post their home address and phone numbers on Facebook, so I know you can't be possibly talking about them.
doesnt work anymore. it asks for the validation key every time
When I see posts like those from +Cirrus McMinor I am almost tempted to dump Linux and use Windows, just to avoid any association.
It will not let you lie anymore... I tried my product key and it said my product key is not valid for this offer.
Thanks +Jake Weisz for taking out the trash, now that I've read all the  fun posts I'll go ahead and block cirrus, that was enough douchebaggery for one day. :)
Why are you encouraging people to lie? May be expedient but neither honorable nor ultimately beneficial.
Wow, $15 for Windows 8?  It's a bargain at half the price. 
Based on my investigation, Windows 8 isn't a bad OS... on a machine designed for it. But upgrading a machine to Windows 8 is a bad idea.
I already use an OS that "isn't bad" and it cost me nothing. 
OpenSUSE ftw. 
+Aswin Lakshman at this price I would be almost tempted to buy it... just to have a look... Microsofts new strategy => almost free software??
+Michael Allwright It's temporary promotional pricing. They want people to upgrade to Windows 8, because Microsoft gets a 30% cut of all apps bought on the Windows Store.

I bought Windows 8 just to run inside a virtual machine to play with. Doesn't affect my system, but I can boot it up if I want to.
Dear Mr Balmer, I purchased a Windows 7 computer because PC manufacturers are too scared to sell me one without a Windows licence that I can then install Ubuntu on.
+Jake Weisz
If you use that much Linux, then why would you say it is full of compatibility issues.
Maybe back in 1998 red hat 5 or so.
But if you download any of the major distros today, you will find little if no issues.
And you don't have to resolve a compatibility issue more than once.
+Steve Adams Obviously this article is not targeted at you. So feel free to not comment. Linux fanboyism here is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.
+Jeremy Di Pietro I follow a lot of Linux folks. On a regular basis, I see posts about incompatibility with various hardware, inability to use various software, whining various companies aren't releasing software for them, etc. My boss is the only one who runs Linux on his desktop at my office. He's also the only one who spent the better part of a week getting it running his setup properly when he upgraded his laptop.

For personal computer use, more often than not, it's just not worth the effort.
+Steve Adams 
If you don't want to pay for a Windows license, you could...

Buy a Mac.
All jokes aside, my Chromebook runs Ubuntu pretty well. No trace of M$ there.
Loophole's been there the whole time. And i found it first
+Jake Weisz first time I've met you - are you sure you really want to introduce yourself in such a charmless way?
Advice: You won't make friends with new people if you speak to them like that.

I'll hand you a second chance - you look like you could use one - don't waste it :)
Even those who did not plan to buy win 8 are doing it now, way to go microsoft, everyone thinks they've got a good deal. The loophole was obviously planned to be a loophole, everyone is too happy thinking they got a cheap deal, its actually a promotion :)
just buy windows 7 and save your $15
i just bougth it yesterday it cost me 730 pesos mexicanos i hate you guy of lifehacker i would save some money..
No longer working. Now asks for a Windows 7 key.
+morshedali sarker Whoah there, turbo! Take a breath buddy.
-Commandments? I'll only respond if you ask nicely.
+Steve Adams There's a lot of this entitlement to derailing threads on Google+ with completely irrelevant personal opinions. This thread is particularly about Windows 8, a deal on Windows 8, etc. There are people here who could probably use some advice in this department, on whether or not it offers a superior experience to Windows 7 (it doesn't, for an upgrade). As someone who uses Windows 7 and has extensively tested Windows 8, I can probably provide some guidance.

If you scroll up, you'll see some of the rampant Linux fanboyism here. One Linux user above jested that they were tempted to switch to Windows to disassociate themselves from such people. (It's that bad.)

I have a recurring pet peeve about people who use Google Play promotion posts to complain it's not in their country, any Motorola post to comply why their insert random old device isn't updated to Jelly Bean or doesn't have an unlocked bootloader, etc.

As far as my introduction, my profile info awaits you. ;) Though I haven't updated it in a while, I have less of a fetish for 2.5" SATA hard drives than I used to. My rough assumption, is if someone isn't fond of my occasionally rampantly sarcastic attitude, we may not get along. Then again, never know. =)
Doesn't work anymore. I have a legal Windows 7 key and it looks like it does some kind of database search of keys (mine is a retail Windows 7 Home Premium).
+Jeremy Di Pietro What part? We only use it for very specific applications, and it's such a specialized setup of it that it's barely recognizable. We use Windows Server and XP for just about everything else unless I'm missing something. 
If it welcomed by masses then, it shows eligible.
I'll look into "Free from school" options.
Didn't work with my legitimate Win 7 Pro key.
Its definitely not worth the $15 lol. I wish I could give it back.
Can I get Windows 7 for $15 if I tell them I bought a windows 8 computer?  Even-numbered windows releases are always terrible.
Tony C
In reality, this isn't much of a loss for MS.  They get revenue from app purchases and other services used via Windows 8, plus it gets word out to push more hesitant users to switch.
+Regina Woodard  dont know what planet your on but i have never used facebook and never will. even behind proxys
I will download it for 'hacker' I suggest you all do same. Then go Linux after
windows 8 is $40?? LOL.. I paid like 10 times that for 7 pro.. wtf
linux honestly isn't as big as a deal as people make it seem until more things work compatibly with it. for now i think i'll still with my computer which i don't have to put any extra effort into getting it to play games.
Wish in would have known about this a few days ago. Now the loophole is closed 
+Jake Weisz hmmm. Windows 98, 2000, xp, and 7 were all good. There is no correlation with even numbers, or even names for that matter. I would do it, but it involves lying, so I'll pay more if i decide i want it.
When are people going to demand a new OS. All forms of windows are DOS with pretty pictures. You can find the dos prompt and run dos commands in all versions of windows. IT IS NOT NEW!
+Jake Weisz hmmm. Windows 98, 2000, xp, and 7 were all good. There is no correlation with even numbers, or even names for that matter. I would do it, but it involves lying, so I'll pay more if i decide i want it.
+Chris Doiron It's a temporary promotion until the end of January, all indications seem to point that the normal Windows 8 upgrade price will be just as high as Windows 7, or at least, much higher than it is right now.
+Corey Shaughnessy
The DOD helped to develop SE Linux.
SE Linux is a service that runs on Linux and prevents other applications and services from violating a rule set.
SE Linux made Linux made acceptable for highly sensitive use.
It doesn't matter if it's Windows 7 or 8, they're all crap. I still stick to XP.  Microsoft is not able to do anything better anymore. Soon they will be kicked out of the market
that's funny, I can think of over 9 versions of Windows prior to XP off the top of my head
Selling your integrity for $25?  Maybe for $50, but $25 is a low-ball offer.
its a 20 year old kernel (full of holes) and windows fanboys get all excited about a  new GUI (on linux we can have a new one for each day of the week)   #justsayin   I agree with above its not new its the same windows as always with a lick of paint , and a slight ram management improvement from 7 (very slight)  boot windows7 = 1.2 GB RAM & 1.6GB swap , boot linux = 100Mb RAM and 0.0 swap  (means less disk thrashing windows users so HDD will last longer)  ask the google developers about the WINNT kernel vulnerabilitys.
After paying for 7 Ultimate, I should get it for f'ing free.
Cirrus is still here? Dang. Trolls are stubborn. Didn't I humiliate you enough already?
+Jake Weisz
I can install, patch and configure a Linux workstation in under 30 minutes.
Not sure why It would take all day.
Installing, adding drivers, patching and configuring Windows XP,takes all day.
Unless you have a ghost.

I have used Linux on my workstation for more than 8 years. I have yet to find a reason to use anything else.
Even my phone is running Linux (Android).
Cirrus shut the FUCK up, God damnit go be more productive with your free time. 
+Jeremy Di Pietro Apparently there's some issues with the hardware between the laptop and Ubuntu.

Android is not Linux. Android is based off Linux. If we call Android Linux, we might as well call everything except Windows by the title of being 'Unix'. There's a point where an OS is far enough unique to be called it's own OS. Android met that bar a very long time ago. -Signed, a heavy Android user with about six of the bloody things.
Let them have windoze, we have open source freedom lol fair deal hey guys
I'd use Windows 8 if MS paid me $15
+John R. Holcomb   sorry but no i will not STFU , i will continue to support free software and expose the evils of corporations like apple andmicrosoft and the sub par OS they feed to the masses. please refrain from using obscene  language it makes you seem juvenille
I don't know why people don't like windows 8 if you want windows 7 just stay on the desk top. I personally love layered operating systems seems like iris more spacious like running 2 operating systems at once, which I love
They're only 2012 and 2011 pcs. Too bad.
Who's hating linux? It's a free world. Unless Apple trademarked free thought just now. Oops. All hail the Anointed Jobs. 
Wow sucks that every post has to become an OS war between fans. +Cirrus McMinor got everyone worked up with the whole Linux BS. Who cares about all that. If you want Win 8 you can get it for $15. That's a good deal for a brand new OS IMO.
This offer is still valid as of today (Oct 30).    I just bought a new Dell XPS with 7.   I'm experimenting with Win 8 on my laptop and so far I like it--quite a lot, actually.  Even the Win 7 desktop has been re-designed and looks very, very clean.   For $15 I'm definitely getting this.    Also until January you can get a free Windows Media Center "upgrade" with Win 8 Pro.
+Jeremy Di Pietro The fact that it's completely incompatible in terms of software and code written for it, there is fundamentally no user-discernible similarity between the two.

You can write a piece of software that will work on more or less all major distros of Linux. Try installing it on Android... Oh...

Yes, I understand that buried under there is the kernel. Doesn't make it the same operating system.

A similarity might be like some of the trolls above which are referring to Windows as just a version of DOS. Obviously, it's not, even if they share some underlying components.
You can save $25 by compromising your integrity?  I don't understand.
Don't even want it for free, thx. Don't need a tablet oriented OS on my PC. Some of us still have to do real heavy-duty work on our systems.
Missing out on this is what I get for being an honest early adopter. Could have bought like 7 Steam games with the saved $25. I know a few students that will love this tho.
i use win7 on an intel pc, and if win8 was free, i still wouldn't download it
+Jake Weisz
Completely incompatible?
Android uses the Linux Kernel.
The Kernel interprets the code.
The only real difference is the user interface.
It's not at all like DOS vs Windows.
DOS Kernel vs Windows Kernel.
Root an Android and see.
That's expensive compared to free. Especially if it's not bringing anything to the table.
Windows 8 is faster than Windows 7, a lot more work than just a UI redesign has been put into it.
I run Linux so you couldn't pay me to run Windows.
The only downside to this loophole is that you end up with Windows 8 on your computer!
+Jeremy Di Pietro He's a lost cause. If +Jake Weisz thinks that Android isn't Linux, I challenge him to find a single Android device that doesn't use Linux as it's kernel. I'll wait. 
@ Mike Stone, like Android, Apple is a Unix-based OS, not a Linux-based OS
fortunately i DID buy one in that timeframe... :)
+Jeremy Di Pietro +Mike Stone I am fully aware what kernel versions Androids run. You can even see that without rooting it. But the operating systems are distinctively different. One file does not define the entire operating system. Calling Android "Linux" is both a disservice to Android and a disservice to Linux. It's also off-topic, so I'll leave this here. If you'd like to pick up the discussion, start another post and tag me. I'll be happy to continue there.
+Michael Nolen I think you'll find that I never claimed that OSX was Linux based. Point in fact, it's a customized version of some NetBSD, some FreeBSD, and some NextStep. No Linux in there at all.
+Michael Nolen
Android is actually Linux.
It uses the Linux Kernel.
Not sure about Apple currently, but the first OSX used the BSD Unix Kernel.
It was BSD with an Apple desktop interface.
Exactly, +Mike Stone. Linux-BASED. It's not Linux. It's Linux-based. Android is Android. It's based on Linux, but it's not Linux.
+Jake Weisz Saying that Android is distinctly different than Linux is like saying a Ford truck is distinctly different than a Goodyear tire. It doesn't make sense. Android is based on Linux because it uses a Linux kernel. There's nothing else.
Thieves and lies.
This is a reason that they sold 4 millions upgrade copied :-) 
+Mike Stone, Jeremy was telling me his phone runs Linux because it's an Android. That's not true. It's true his phone's OS, which is Android is based on Linux, and has the Linux kernel. But Android isn't just a Linux distro, which was my point.
lie to get a discount
+Jake Weisz I'd disagree. I'd say that Android is exactly a Linux distro. It doesn't run all the same tools, but that's not what makes it a Linux distro in the first place. What makes it a Linux distro is the fact that it uses a Linux kernel. It would still be Linux even if it didn't incorporate GNU. 
+Mike Stone Meh, it's a stupid semantic argument. I'll never agree something that's 100% incompatible in terms of runnable software with absolutely no similarity of interface whatsoever is the "just a distro" because it shares one file in common.
+Jake Weisz That's fine. It doesn't really matter if you agree. It is either way. 
I bought a Windows tablet one day before the eligible date for this promo, but I'm not going to lie to get a discount. How low can people go to save a buck? 
Thieves and lies.
This dumb shit is not going to work, because unless your computer never went online...chances are you already register it from the first time you used your computer!!!!
Jay Tee
Exploit no longer work.  Kudos for patching this so fast.  Now if you can just patch your Windows 7 just as fast, that'd made my day.
By the way folks, if you want a GOOD LEGIT deal for Windows 8:

Micro Center (in the United States) is selling Windows 8 Pro Upgrade with discs for $38.88 in-store. Which is $30 off the official $69.99 price for that package. Since I like having discs of my OS, that's what I bought.
+Jay Tee As a SysAdmin who pushes out Windows Updates (among other things, mind you), I can say Microsoft patches their OSes faster than any other. No other company can cook up a patch for some eight versions of their OS and push it out within 24 hours of an exploit. Something Microsoft can and routinely does. And of course, monthly they release a wide variety of potential exploits on the 2nd Tuesday.

Last big Apple exploit took three weeks for them to fix. And that was only for one version, took them another week to fix for the previous version of OS X.
or better yet upgrade to Linux, NetBSD, or even OSX ... those first two are available free as are many others. Best yet, we should force Operating Systems makers to provide an open access to the platforms ( or simply prevent them from selling any add-on s ... such as applications. )
Seriously, Windows 8 is not good for Laptops/Desktops. So don't upgrade if you have Windows 7, not even XP [Maybe XP to 7]. So, don't waste your money on pretty much crap. [IMO, they butchered so much, it isn't even windows anymore]
It no longer works.  I'm sure they have updated their system to actually verify the Windows 7 product key you are required to give them.
My best bet is that your Windows 7 is better for your hardware. Proceed for the upgrade only if you have a touch-screen device
Meh...there is nothing compelling in the upgrade. $15 seems fair.
It's worth noting that this is an upgrade copy only. It's always worth doing a clean install with a full version... 
I agree with the comment about upgrading only if you have a touch screen device.  Win8 is basically Win7 under the hood, with lots of new GUI front end.  Not only is the GUI more cumbersome than Win8, it seriously twaxed my brand new laptop, as I upgraded from 7 - 8.  It's just not compatible yet with all the hardware, drivers are a serious problem from manufacturers.
Mark k
Windows 8 on my 4 y.o. Dell desktop (quad core 4 gb ram) is snappy, better organized, and more beautiful than any previous Windows OS. I'm primarily a Mac user (creative professional), and I think 8 represents a MASSIVE leap forward in the way we relate to our machines.

And before people start yelling about performance vs UI :-) , please remember something most geeks (of which I'm one) overlook... natural interaction with our devices IS a performance improvement. A great UI on great hardware properly utilized is the ultimate goal. Windows just closed the gap a bit. Kudos.
Ben Lim
I rather pay MS $15 to never see their ads again
You have to enter a valid Windows 7 product key.
+Jake Weisz +Cirrus McMinor +Jeremy Di Pietro Perhaps instead of arguing about what you agree on or not, you could all start a new thread about your various OS and the good points and bad points of each.
I for one would be interested in the non/favourable points to each system.
I use an android phone. It's great, but there are things I don't like too. I use windows laptop, that too is good, but also things I don't like. I tried ubunto but wasn't that successful at running it, but maybe the pc was too old for the OS. It would be good to find a smooth OS, that works like windows, apps like android, (free) with the security of linux perhaps.
I'm not a fanboy of anything, just want the info to decide for myself, as do a lot of people.
You all seem knowledgeable in your fields. There are no winners, just educators.
Many thanks in advance.

Win7's the best Windows to date, WinXP was great for its time, but is pretty much dead now. Vista's OK, but definitely not the best MS has come up with, whereas no verdict from me on Win8 'cause I hadn't gotten the chance to try it yet.

GNOME Shell and the Unity desktop in Ubuntu seem a tad more polished than Win8's interface as well as being a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but I'm willing to give Win8 a chance. :)

My fave desktops, on the other hand, are definitely the Win7 desktop as far as what MS has to offer, and then GNOME 2/MATE, LXDE, Openbox, and Fluxbox in the Linux world.
I like how people fight over the internet for no good reason. All becuase of personal opinion. Lmfao!
Well, if Microsoft OSes didn't have as many security holes, their need to adopt a "patch" culture wouldn't be required. Also, the widespread use only makes it more necessary they keep playing catch up in terms of security and performance, instead of making real innovations that hasn't already existed in the near past.
+James Slug  i wasnt arguing merely stating facts , if your old laptop is looking for a new lease of life id go with PCLinuxOS it has tremendous hardware support and its very good for those getting their feet wet with linux , if the lappy has 1GB RAM or more go with KDE if not go with the phoenix version XFCE which is very light on resources and easy to navigate. good luck.
Am I the only person over here trying to put out a halfway fair assessment of both Windows and Linux?
Sorry Fedora 17 was free and more secure and customizable
Yeah, these guys are funny. It's cheered me up : )
better still archlinux , after u install arch you have only a command line , then YOU the user makes your very own GUI the way YOU want , not the way Redmond thinks you want.
People should treat Windows 8 like vampires treat garlic.

Stay away.  You will regret upgrading.
You lot wanna get a life more to it than arguing about os for computers 
+Dean Russell You can do a clean install with an Upgrade version. It just needs to detect Windows on your system when the installer starts. If you boot from CD, and start the installer, it'll let you format the drive, and then install.
Why would anyone want to buy Win 8? You don't have access to anything if your network is down and if you don't have touchscreen...? Win 8 doesn't do anything that Win 7 doesn't do except for put your information on the Cloud and we all know how secure the Cloud is, NOT!... I hate Apple but at this point I would go with their OS if Microsoft insists on this failed strategy. -_-
i am a genius 
your are an idiot all hail Richard, lord of the universe
not to mention the fact that i am insane and retarded
windows sucks 
mac sucks
linux sucks
between the lions should not have been canceled on PBS kids
lastly pi approximately equals 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 at least to the 75th digit... all from memory my stupid friends
So lie to save some money. How honorable....not!
+C.A. Grimes What the heck are you talking about?  Is this some other online-only version of Windows 8 I don't know about?  Everything you said is incorrect.  Nothing has to be on the cloud if you tell it not to.  Everything can be done with a mouse as well.  Don't speak of what you do not know.

When it comes to Windows 8, it comes down to the start UI.  Either you learn and accept it, as well as the MUCH faster boot/run times Windows 8 offers, or you stick with Windows 7.  Other than that, there really aren't any noticeable differences, especially for average users.
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T Mare
I hear its not all that....could it be another "vista" accident?
Wow you guys are really serious about computers. I have no clue which is better, more expensive or more user friendly. My computers not even plugged up ! But I do like go outside and participate in social events and sometimes I entertain myself with things that don't use batteries........
Ps HAIL RICHARD, LORD OF THE UNIVERSE ... I say that because I can respect a guy who admits to being insane and retarded .... Dude you rock in my book !
performance is not there yet - just did benchmarks with the exact same hardware with PC Mark and 3D Mark - Win8 was about 1.5% less in both categories

(not bad for RTM, however)
Funny. I would have bought it for $15. $40 though... nah ain't worth it.
How the mighty have fallen.
I think this will reduce the chances people will pirate a copy so they make more money by killing the grey market at launch, they want everyone to upgrade
lol people still use windows?
Hey, Arch may give you practically complete control over how you set your OS up, but you can get a decent amount of control in Ubuntu Minimal or Debian Testing minimal too, as you start off with a shell prompt, practically a blank canvas, to install whatever UI and apps you want on.

Just Arch takes a little bit longer, and is a bit harder to set up, Gentoo would take even longer to set up, and is even harder to set up than Arch, and LFS is the hardest and takes the longest.
Must not be very good for just $40. Windows charges much more than that for its stuff.
If your not using Windows what do you use, Doors?
The loophole is fixed, back to $40 for everyone. :(
Loooove Windows 8 so much easier to get to my apps without a tonn of mouse clicks to find stuff +1 for Windows 8 a step in the right direction
Well when you're Windows XP/7 PC is no longer what it use to be and Windows 8 seems like a very dicey proposition then check this out been running it for over 6 yrs now and counting.
Or any flavor of Linux, (many of which predate *buntu) if you want a desktop that still looks like a desktop instead of a Mondrian abstract....
Hate to sound like a Linux troll, but I am not a very advanced Linux user - I use Ubuntu Linux as a desktop os every day. It has all I need for productivity and entertainment. I tried the dev preview and the consumer preview of windows 8. Both were very bad. Neither good for a tablet nor a desktop. I realize this is a subjective view, but at the end of the day, I'll recommend the free OS.
Now it says to enter the PRODUCT KEY. If its not from this year, they don't give you the offer.
Update: It looks like this loophole has been fixed. Oh well! You can still upgrade for $40, which is still a pretty awesome price.
I visited Best Buy today (10-23-2012) and did about a one hour evaluation of Windows 8, scheduled to be released this Friday Oct 26, 2012.

 After thoroughly test driving here's the bottom line... it sucks!  If all
you ever do is surf facebook and get your email, then you might enjoy
it.  But if you are a more savvy user, the odds are you aren't going
to like it.  You can't go back to Win 7 if you find out you don't like
Win 8, that's BS!!!.  If you buy the option on a new laptop to upgrade
later to Win 8 for $14.99, you have 90 days to use it or lose it.  You
don't get Win 8 on a disc, it's download only.  Again, let me be
clear.  Once you upgrade to Win 8, your Win 7 license is nullified.
Also, trying to recover Win 8 after an HDD crash is going to make you
even more dependent upon Microsoft and your retailer.  I did not see
any clear advantage to having Win 8 upon a PC or laptop.  I'm sticking
with Win 7 for at least a year.  After the smoke and mirrors have been
removed I'll take another look... kind of like the election :) LOL
surely no actual human is stupid enough to buy win8
+Louis Geri to, roughly, quote Albert Einstein "Only the Universe and human stupidity are infinite and I'm not entirely sure about the Universe."
i have a free option to upgrade to windows 8 for buying my laptop, but i've switched to linux and never looked back.
Why pay $15 when you can get Linux for free?
I'd rather pay extra and keep my integrity than save a few bucks... I wouldn't call this life hacking, its straight up lying 
Nick G.
Wow, great find.
Getting for free anyway why would I pay for it... Wait. 
+Jake Weisz well done!! +Cirrus McMinor you got owned.

Although I must state I have no idea how to use linux, plenty of my friends do though and really for the most part they say that there is very little difference for the everyday user.
You better have the right windows 7 validation code off a store bought machine!

Only a few can out smart Bill. 
+ビル·ムーアと+デイモンDevittモラルは社会的機能の基礎となります。あなたが事実として正確道徳であることを行っている場合はGOOG VS悪の善悪、プリンシパルの意味です。
Cool this is also known as lying :D is this what the world is coming to? It's okay to lie if you get what you want? Sad.
So +Lifehacker, you think its a loophole? Are you getting paid by Microsoft to promote Win8?

The company which developed Win8 is unaware of that simple loophole???. It's just marketing strategy, so that more people will download it... you DS!!!

and this is HOT on g+, what the hell is wrong with you Google
Ultimate windows vs linux vs insert device here test. Put it in the hands of a four year old. In my experience they cry with linux, and tend to gravitate towards windows and iPad. Windows blows the tar out of linux for desktop users.

I have programmed everything from cell phones to mainframes. Maybe this is why i generalize users as four year olds....dunno...i'll ask my shrink. Point being, i'm OS agnostic.

Carry on.
A one thing folks .A very high percentage of people who get a Windows 8 computer don't have a clue what it can do or how to use it at all.
They just have it cos they want the latest so it doesn't matter how good or bad it is,they don't care.
Like Having a Ferrari and keeping it in the Garage Lol ! 
Seriously?! Lie just to save $25?! That's pathetic! Way to encourage theft Lifehacker. This is the kind of narcissism that's destroying civilization. 
I agree, getting windows 8 for 15 bucks is definitely destroying civilization.
Thanks! Doesnt work for student laptops though. 
how about if you have xp?  any hope.  or build another CPU?  
Linux desktop fanboys are bankrupt. Mentaly and monetarily. And they got all their time to bitch about Microsoft and Apple.
Jaime how are u doing this in jail?
Cruz I put a password on the main computer
My all is messed up by this man ..I now c where he has help in prison life for attempted murder and drugs.
Love the truth..ppl are sad...trolls!!
Got it for free. Is it worth $0? And no, my copy is legit.
that loophole is now closed I believe
 tell that i myself will look for my sheep and take care of them
Err the only reason i use windows is because its easy to crack i have never once payd for windows and never will. The day they fix there security flaws that allow me to do this i will just move to my second os which is linux... And +Jake Weisz Android IS linux just as applet iso IS unix you talk to everyone here like your some kind of king yet you dont seem to understand the basics of the Major operating systems... Dont be fooled by this clown people! If your considering this upgrade go get a hands on first, because like everything its not going to be good for everyone
Sorry for spelling my phone will di that :/ but if that is actual an issue for you go get a job editing somewere and help people who care...
Sonofabitch I just paid $40 last night. I even looked around to see if someone was posting an extra promo code somewhere. I actually did buy an OEM upgrade to Win7 in July and tried to use that but it asked questions I didn't have answers for like the manufacturer of my computer. 
Just bought a new Windows 7 computer! Time to upgrade to Windows 8!
Yep, I got in through this loophole on launch. For $15, it's not bad.
Quick everyone, there is a loophole on +Ubuntu's website where you can download Ubuntu for free! All you have to do is click the download button!
Oh dear..more idiots arguing what's best. Get what's for you and shut the fuck up
Are you telling people to lie?  My opinion of lifehacker has dropped significantly today.
+Andrew Paradiso Fedora was my first Linux too. There's a lot of things I like about Linux's patching system, the distinct lack of need to reboot in many cases is particularly nice. And the fact you can tie third-party software repositories to it. If hardware supported Linux well, and there was any software (besides Chrome) that I use that actually runs on Linux, I might very well be able to use Linux.

Windows 7 performs pretty impressively on any age of hardware, regardless of update status. I've put it on machines that could barely still run XP, and it ran like a new machine. XP I think is a particular case, because SP2 made a lot of system changes, to the point of nearly being a different OS, at least in terms of security. I can fully agree with you on .NET, I don't like the language, and I don't like how there's some 4 updates to it that can't be installed along with the rest of updates, and each requires it's own reboot. But you cannot deny that Microsoft patches things incredibly fast, considering the amount of OSes they support. (That's XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, and Server 2012.. so eight operating systems, times two architectures... x86 and x64... (toss in a few for server Itanium versions) and you're up to 20, and then add another for Windows RT... and you realize that to fix a single bug in Windows, they have to test and push 21 versions of the update out.)
Loophole fixed, just because they posted this on the Internet... 
+Andrew Paradiso : I just hope Google+ ToS does not tolerate insults like these. Hope you also used a real name.
I would like to know if Windows 7 upgrades will see a price drop. I have several users who are still running XP (The best OS microsoft has released to date IMHO), and I'm not ready to spring a  good percentage of my users onto a brand new interface, but XP loses support in 2014.
@Cirrus, why are u here if hate windows that much. You are so desperate to convince people who are already happy with windows 7/8, other haters, go away...
+Mike Stone  ive found a large percentage of windows users dont pay attention to detail , and are not very tech savvy , their best rebuttal is oh , u spelt that wrong and your punctuation is bad :/
+Jake Weisz Redhat 4.0 was my first Linux distro. Linux hardware support is quite good actually, despite the uninformed claims to the contrary, and there is quite a lot of software for it. Whether it's the exact same software you use is really irrelevant. I could just as easily claim that none of the software I use exists in Windows. What does that prove? Absolutely nothing.

Microsoft is not particularly good at their patching. When you have 0-day vulnerabilities and you have to wait for Patch Tuesday when the last one was 2 days ago, you're screwed. Oh, and 21 versions of an update? The reason that the vulnerability exists in multiple versions of the OS is because more than likely, it's the same code in all versions. They're making 1 patch. Testing? Well. We're going to have to disagree on that one because I seriously doubt they spend a lot of time testing their patches. Comparing Microsoft favorably to Apple is just a flat out stupid comparison as well. It's the technological equivalent of saying Larry is smart because he's smarter than Curly.
Maan it is crazy. And I thought I was the only one who tricked Microsoft. :-)
+Mike Stone Please, stop being so fanboy. The reason I say hardware support is bad, is because I watch Linux fanboys complain about it all day. If raging Linux fanboys who proclaim open source from the top of every overturned crate in the area are complaining about hardware support... it has bad hardware support.

On 0-day situations, Microsoft does not wait until Patch Tuesday. Try again.

Even with similar code, there are implications based on the wide differences between the software versions. It's not necessarily anywhere near that simple. Try again.

Trust me, they test. Um... You're out of tries. Oh well.
+Cirrus McMinor Unfortunately, it's a go to argument for many when the original premise is weak or their outmatched. I've seen more than one declaration of stupidity based on the fact that someone used "there" instead of "their" or "your" instead of "you're". I say, unless you're incapable of understanding what's being said, try to discuss the ideas and not the method of conveyance. Heck, even if you're incapable of understanding, ask for clarification but don't throw out their argument because you can't understand what they're saying. It's a cop out, plain and simple.
+Jake Weisz I think at this point, you're the one being the fanboy. Your information is limited and inaccurate. The best you can come up with is "I watch Linux fanboys complain!" Weak. Try again.

"Microsoft does not wait until Patch Tuesday. Try again."

Sure they don't. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

"It's not necessarily anywhere near that simple. Try again."

Sorry Jake, I've been a developer and I've worked in QA. I know what the process is. You're presumption of authority is amusing, but unfounded.

"Trust me, they test."

Based on your previous statements, you're no where near someone I'd trust to give me the time of day, let alone inform me on Microsoft's methods. 
+Mike Stone Out of curiosity, do you check Windows Server Update Services on a regular frequent basis to see what updates come down, and when? Is that part of your job?
+Jake Weisz Not anymore. Up until two years ago, I would have said Yes to both of those questions. Now my servers are Linux based.
+Jake Weisz As someone who does it now, I think I'm pretty qualified to be able to tell you that they don't wait for Patch Tuesday on 0-day exploits. (I manage our RHEL machines as well.)

+Cirrus McMinor The thing is, I can make fun of your technological incompetence and your inability to type at the same time. I'm a good multi-tasker.
+Jake Weisz  you have made fun of yourself , if you think an up to date anti-virus will protect you from 0 day exploits on a windows platform , then i regtret to inform you you are not a very comptent computer user at all.  Windows has a long history of security vulnerabilities, enabling the spread of viruses and allowing remote users to take over people's computers for use in spam-sending botnets. Because the software is secret, all users are dependent on Microsoft to fix these problems -- but Microsoft has its own security interests at heart, not those of its users.
In 2005, a vulnerability was discovered that affects all versions of Windows from Windows 3.0, released in 1990 until Windows Server 2003 R2 from December 2005, with XP and later versions most severely affected. The problem, which affects the Windows Metafile image format, a format commonly used for clip-art and other vector images. Files containing specially crafted 'Escape codes' allow for arbitrary user-defined function code to be run when displaying the image files.
Security researcher, Steve Gibson, believes the flaw may be intentional, too.
+Jake Weisz What you're doing there is called an "Appeal to Authority" argument, which earns you no points in my book. Point in fact, I provided factual evidence that Microsoft sometimes waits months to patch 0-day exploits. That is fact, and just because you're a Systems Administrator for a company that makes magnets doesn't mean that you can redefine facts. In case you'd like to further attempt to deny facts, here's that link again so you can clap your hands over your eyes and go "la la la" really loud.

Also, your attacks on +Cirrus McMinor are unfounded, uninformed, and ill-advised. I'd suggest you wait until you know what you're talking about before you continue to attempt them.
+Mike Stone  his "attacks" are indeed feeble and uninformed. thank god he not a sysadmin here.
+Mike Stone And your attempt at response was ad hominem, so I think we're even.

My point is that you can't tell me they don't patch 0-days outside of Patch Tuesday when I personally find out about a 0-day, and then watch the WSUS updates roll in... not on a Patch Tuesday.

You're trying to argue a point that is fundamentally contradictory to the reality I can see in front of my face.

+Cirrus McMinor Dude, you are so idiotic, there are Linux users in this thread embarrassed to be associated with you. That's bad. When other Linux fanboys think you're a Linux fanboy, it's time to pack up and go home. Pointing out the flaws in your posts has racked up 107... wait, now 108 +1s on this thread, I think that's enough to point out: People don't want you here.
+Cirrus McMinor Steam without games is just Steam. Steam for Linux will mean absolutely nothing if EA and Activision and other studios don't get on board.

All Steam for Linux means, is Source engine games will be available on Linux, and some cheap indie stuff.
+Jake Weisz   i think most have made their minds up who is the idiot here , someone with real computer knowledge who can build theirown OS from scratch and someone who corrects grammar when they lose an arguement.
+Cirrus McMinor It's great you and +Mike Stone learned how to +1 each other's posts, but you're about the only ones here doing that.

This is a Windows 8 thread. If you don't want to talk about Windows 8, you shouldn't be here.
+Jake Weisz   funny then that my comment has one of the highest if not the highest +1 in is thread  LOL
+Cirrus McMinor That it's not worth $15? Yeah, but that has to do with Windows 8. All your Linux trolling has been met with little enthusiasm.
Your first comment merely happens to also coincide with Windows 7 fans who dislike 8. ;) +Cirrus McMinor 

It must burn you to agree with them on something.
+Jake Weisz  we came to laugh at folk like you , i dont think if +Mike Stone  clicked my post 100+ times it would work , you are such a n00b , you can only +1 one time on an individual post  not over 100. anyways enjoy your shiny new buttons.  you are a tad boring , you bring no technical knowledge whatsoever to the table , so maybe you should be the one going home.
+Jake Weisz  also i have not trolled at all on this thread , merely stated facts , if the truth hurts then  so.flv
+Cirrus McMinor Dude, you wouldn't know a fact if I shoved it down your throat. You can't possibly grasp the pros and cons of Windows and Linux, because you're so fanboy, you can't recognize any intelligent thought on the matter.
Alright. I got bored. Troll humiliation services is closed for today. Fanboys have been blocked. I had my fun.
+Jake Weisz  I know all i need to know i have used every offering of windows OS since 3.1  (you was prolly still suckin on mamas teet back then).  i respect your right to use whatever OS you like, im here to show all the windows8 folks that there is a better alternative not to lock horns with the likes of you. stop trolling you arent doing yourself or the windows camp any favours.
I don't think Microsoft really cares how much they make with W8 right now. They try to make their PC OS help selling their smartphones. Microsoft thinks that once users get hooked to the desktop version, they want it on their phone as well and go for a Windows Phone. So right now they don't care about their desktop software. They need to sell more Windows Phones or they lose out in that market for good. 
+Jake Weisz "you can't tell me they don't patch 0-days outside of Patch Tuesday when I personally..."


I can absolutely tell you that, because I've provided this thing called proof. My earlier statement was a little bit of an ad hominem, but when you're holding up your own experience as the sole basis for your claims, I think it's valid to point out that your experience is not particularly impressive. Further, the reality you "see in front of your face" is irrelevant, as I've provided 3rd party information that suggests that the reality in front of your face doesn't mesh with the reality the rest of us live in. 
+Jake Weisz I'll talk about Windows 8. Everything Microsoft makes sucks balls so run Linux. People let you admin RHEL servers and they actually work? If that doesn't say something positive about Linux I don't know what does.
+Michael Lutz Well, they don't care about making money selling Windows 8, but I think you're missing where they do want to make money: The Windows Store. It's not necessarily about phones, and more about their RT tablets. But the point is, they get a 30% cut of all software bought on Windows 8. They get jack on software made for Windows 7.

So it's in their best interests to get everyone updated to Windows 8, even if they don't make a profit off the OS itself.
Just an FYI.
You can download Linux, try Ubuntu.
Get the live image.
Burn it on a CD or DVD, or even image it onto a flash stick (there are instructions).
Boot from the image and choose: try.
This will boot up linux without touching or harming your existing system.
You can test drive it, see if it handles all your hardware etc..
The only thing is that it will be very slow compared to how it would run from your native drive.
If you like it, all you have to do is click, install now.
Notice that the entire O.S. fits on a CD, uncompressed.
Edit to my previous comment: I have an advanced knowledge of Windows - I have been using Linux for the past 2 years and Mac for the past few months. I have used Ubuntu as my primary OS ever since my first try. It is so much easier to use than Windows once you get it figured out.
+Jake Weisz "Alright. I got bored. Troll humiliation services is closed for today. Fanboys have been blocked. I had my fun."

You must have been reading a different thread than I was, because to me it looked like you humiliated yourself in front of everyone. Someday, when you've actually learned something about the industry you claim to work in, try again. Until then, all you're good for is comic relief. Carry on.
Save $25 by making a lair of myself.... interesting. Not!
How many of you that lied to get a $15 price tag also whine because your un-favorite politician lied about something?
I singed up for the $14.99 update, not sure I will pull the trigger to update my laptop from W7.
Arch never cost me a dime (actually its saved me money on hardware...being drastically lighter on resources)...

Windows users pay money... I save money. Sounds like a good formula to me.
+Jake Weisz Frankly, your "troll humiliation services" made you look worse. If you really are a knowledgable Linux sysadmin, then you could provide some constructive criticisms. Or you could just graciously bow out and say "that's good for you Linux guys - I like windows." Just because I am a dedicated Linux user doesn't mean I see the good things in other OSes. For example, windows does a great job running windows programs. That's a plus for windows. At the end of the day we are all going to have a favorite. It's up to you which one you use. I used to preach Linux at everyone I knew. People thought was obnoxious. Now I just recommend it here and there. Much better. 
+Cowboy Nick A It seemed to entertain a fair bit of people. ;) I certainly won't apologize for it. If I can do something that will entertain a significant group of people, and make someone terrible look terrible... I call that a win. I figure it's pretty darn hard to get everyone to like you, so I don't much try. Some people will like what I have to say, some people won't. And I'm entirely alright with that.

As you said, preaching Linux at everyone you know... people will think is obnoxious. Cirrus... was being pretty darn obnoxious. I can be wonderfully obnoxious back.
Loophole?? Oh, yeah, lie about when you got windows 7. Let's hope Alex Henry doesn't have kids. Who knows what else he is teaching them.
+Andrew Paradiso AMD makes cruddy hardware though. ;) If I have to use Windows for good support on Intel... Windows it'll be. I'd never ever run another AMD machine again. Oh, and I use NVIDIA cards, and I know how much Linux users love NVIDIA. ;)

Google Drive? =P There's a lot of open source software I do use which is available for Linux, but there's a lot where the "open source alternative" just isn't software I want to use. I don't want to use GIMP instead of Photoshop, for example. At home I play a lot of games, both MMOs and FPSes. Yes, I'm aware WINE can probably run them. No, I don't want to do that. At work I use a variety of programs that interface with various tools and utilities that we use within the company, that are all Windows-only.
why do people think this thread is about Windows?  The thread is about defrauding Microsoft.  Given that many people do not want to commit fraud, it's not unreasonable that GNU/Linux is being suggested as an alternative to defrauding Microsoft.  If $25USD is really a problem for you, there are many gratis solutions out there.

The best part is the GNU/Linux solutions will have other gratis software that can save the fiscally conscious even more money, while providing a superior educational platform.

Think about it this way, as +Jake Weisz has been kind enough to point out, Microsoft is pricing their OS low in order to increase adoption rates, and thereby increase traffic to the Microsoft application store, where Microsoft will take a thirty percent cut of every sale (the Apple model).

Do you want an operating system made by people interesting in liberating the money from your wallet, or an operating system made by people interested in making a really good operating system?

Side note: here is a picture of Windows 7 detecting the hardware in my Windows 7 ready computer, an HP Pavilion dv6-6040ca
+Andrew Paradiso I do use i7's and generally stick to high-end parts, but I've been impressed by i3s and i5s as well. AMD may top performance at certain price points, but my issue is with quality and longevity, of which I have generally seen Intel far superior. There is no doubt Intel costs more, but I believe computer parts in many ways is a space where you get what you pay for.

Steam does have a Linux version, but all that means, is there's the distribution platform, and Valve's games will be ported. And indie games will crop up on it too, but I'm not generally a big fan of indie games, though I have friends who are. Unless Activision, EA, and other studios get on board with actually making Linux versions... it won't actually matter that Steam is on Linux. It's definitely a wait-and-see category there whether any major studio will take to including compatibility there.

I am not a huge fan of Windows 8. I fundamentally believe that Windows 7 is fairly close to my ideal picture of an operating system, and Windows 8 is very very far from that high mark. (I bought some Windows 7 licenses just prior to the Windows 8 launch for good reason, lol.) I have a Windows 8 VM for testing, but I don't see myself switching to Windows 8 in the near future. Windows is generally best used by skipping versions anyways. 7 is basically Vista that actually works well. I'm hoping 9 does the same for Windows 8, but we shall see.
+Andrew Paradiso Almost all the machines in the 7-10 year-old range of machines I still service and see running well are Intels. (I don't service anything older than Windows XP. Anything older than that, I tell them to stop being cheap and buy a new computer.) I have Athlons that are that old. None of them still work.
+Andrew Paradiso I also use NVIDIA in both my computer and my wife's computer. No issues. I think this particular comment was yet another example of an individual having no real understanding of what they're talking about, but simply regurgitating what they've previously heard from like-minded individuals. 
I used it on a touch screen, sorry bud it still sucks terribly. And who uses hotmail and msn these days they are so restricted. I hate the fact that to enable certain features I had to dust off my old hotmail email addy. It feels very un-intuitive, clunky but it is fast. I have a cousin who uses the microsoft email addy, photos, and msn so the eco system seems to work for him. But for me its time to go back to Windows 7 for a second time as I did with the beta because win 8 is not nearly a small step for human kind.
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