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We're all looking for the ultimate streamer based on Exynos 5 and XBMC (With 1Gbps LAN and Internal 3.5" HD).
Beta and Android are always used in the same sentence.
Fahim A
just curious - do your prefer XBMC or Plex ? and why? Thx!
-me Plex.
+Fahim A I prefer Plex, too. I love the way it keeps track of my shows so I can stop watching at home/work and pick back up on any device. The web client is nice, but doesn't always work. Also I can easily share my library, which my family enjoys. 
Alan Ng
testing.. is amazing.!
+Mario Hoffmann they have it working on XDA developers I got it installed on my Nexus 7 with Android 4.2.1! ;-) 
, xbmc is hands down the best. Now we just have to get all the plug ins ported 
This will be decent on the Minix Neo X5 - however I'll use Plex as I don't have to manage seperate libraries on all of my endpoints
Running sweet on HTC OneX....loving this, And Eden is still rock solid on my HTPC.....Great job fellas!
I'm interested in creating an xbmc or a media center but not sure where to start. I own the white version of the Xbox which only has the ethernet on the back. How can I make it wifi so the router will pick up the Xbox. Plus has a Galaxy S3. Thanks in advance. 
Uh ok
Never heard of it and neither did 500 million other people
+Todd Bostwick thats because all the idiots that claim they have a home theatre, actually just have no idea what a real home theatre is. Bose speakers and a DVD player is not a home theatre.
+Fahim A absolutely plex over xbmc because plex has only one library to maintain where that archaic xbmc has a library per endpoint
Plex might be better at the moment since they transcode.  Too bad it takes longer to fix the horrible library scraping to something resembling XBMC than it does to connect 10 xbmc instances to one centralized library.
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