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Pot lids cluttering up your kitchen cabinets? This cheap kitchen mod gets them organized, out of the way, and all it takes is a few adhesive hooks. Plus, it doesn't damage your cabinets in the process:
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yeah, until a child slams the door and shatters everything... by child I mean drunk person.. by drunk person I mean me.... and children too
+Daniel Rogers this is what I do now, but not only do they not always stack nicely this way due to the inner-lip of the lids, but also this still takes more room than if you were able to place them inside each other.
I'm sure it'll work well until the sticky side no longer sticks and then it's like a Greek wedding...opa except it's glass not china. 
Great idea! Simple, yet useful! Thanks!
Smart use of simple available tools to make your kitchen more organized. Good post!!!
I am sure this is great if you have just 3 pots with lids.
At first glance, I was expecting to see a baggy with some weed in it... Don't know why...
Be careful how you close that cabinet door or you'll crack that glass easier than you know.
Good way to wear out cheap hinges.
Nice idea, but who has cabinets that aren't tiered or don't have a gap inside big enuf to hang pot lids? I've never see cabinets that this idea would work with. 
I'm already saving cabinet space.  That's what the drawer on the bottom of electric stoves are for.
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