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Last up in the line of spring cleaning your tech: Android.
We're all decluttering our closets and basements in celebration of spring, but it's time for a break. Kick back on the couch, pull up your Android phone, and act like you're still being productive by ...
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Need to do this TBH haven't got around to it.....
Handy tips..real question is "to root or not to root?"
Back up apps, full wipe, install new rom. Bam! done.
Going to Apple Store and buying an iPhone
+Boris Yurkevich (noun): Mandatory fuckhead fanboy that has to shove his device preferences into the face of everyone he meets. Likely has a small penis.
Just click on his name and block, you will never hear from him again. Of course blocking all fanboy trolls is not quite that easy.
You do know iPhones are just as bad (worse in most cases) for lag than android phones with mid range specs and Hugh end prices what do you expect really you got scared cause you own an android or your an apple fan boy but seriously when it comes to any technology you need to look after it otherwise it ends up shit look at windows for example.... You're really naive if you think otherwise....
+Lifehacker I believe overclocking/undervolting one's phone requires more than simply being rooted; you need a custom kernel (I flashed a new ROM a couple of years ago and tried overclocking/undervolting, and my phone wouldnt turn on after every most undervolts because I didn't flash the OC/UV kernel).
my first step in android spring cleaning was to do the official update for my captivate (AT&T's Galaxy S) to gingerbread - finally, after having the phone since the day it came out. I had held off on rooting to see if the official update was any good. Sure enough, the official update for which I had been waiting hard bricked my phone...and the HTC One X is still a good month away. AT&T also will do nothing since it is out of warranty (they said I can upgrade to an S2 for full price, but that's about it). ugh. Irony is a bitch.

(my wife said "ah, first world problem" in response to my complaining)
+Hunter Ashmore That's exactly what happened to my roommate; I got sick of waiting for Froyo and flashed a new ROM, he waited patiently (for fear of bricking his phone) for the OTA update...which bricked his phone. Ironically, I UNbricked his phone using the same tools I had learned about while trying to flash my phone.
Sprint removed Carrier IQ from their phones.
Go to setting>apps> all apps.... some apps store lots of app data.. like Google+ .. I had almost a GB of app data.. you will need to reenter your credentials

There you can also delete the app's cache
+Alex Pacheco mentioned what I was going to say. Root, backup, install a asop ROM like CM7 or MIUI. You won't have to worry about bloatware slowing your phone down.
+1 if you despise amdroid
Synergy Rom for Android with a ziggy kernel. Better then any iPhone.
+chaz cama - Is that an Android device designed by Amway? Does it only work if there are little Amdroids under it giving it power? I would definitely despise that! I'll keep my rooted Android I have options with.
Id like to take a moment to thank all of the extremely talented devs over at XDA for making my x2 into the beast it is. CM7 is a work of art and CM9 isnt too far away at this point.....Drooooool Cyanogen flavored Ice Cream Sandwich
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