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This is not yet our reality, but it could be.
Last week the House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), a follow-up bill to SOPA that wants to erode your personal privacy.
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It's my belief that any US politician who advocates for security over freedom, is neither American nor thinking of The People's best interests.
I'm tired of hearing ths same cop-out, "If you're not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to fear."
THAT is the voice of ignorance and willing, indentured servitude.
I, for one, do not wish to be a slave to my own government.
And if this one doesn't work, the legislatures have a shitload more right behind it. One of them is going to pass whether you like it or not. Aren't politicians great?
+Lance Frizzell-Reynolds this has been all over the news for the last week if not longer. Everything from articles about Obama saying he will veto it to will he? Dissecting the bill ad nauseum. I was merely stating the fact that even if this passes.. legislatures have lots more of these kinds of bills bubbling away on the back burner. I'd rather one of them pass and the legislatures find themselves on their asses at the next election. This would send a far greater messages to our psychopathic brethren.. the politicians and their puppet masters I mean lobbyists.
I agree with you +Julian Maytum. The problem is that there will always be more draconian legislation whether or not this particular bill passes. Thus the absolute necessity for the subjects of such laws to meet and foil all the attempts to pass them, whether well-intentioned or not.
In the name of that I started migrating my gmail to an outside of USA server.
CISPA is only the beginning of lost privacy online and life Once a foothold is gained by government then the web will never be the same..
All good +Lance Frizzell-Reynolds I'm having a few snickers here myself :)

I just hope people remember what to say to their politcos when they're asking them to vote for them next election.. "Remember that draconian law you passed? That's why I am voting you out. Hope the money from the lobbyists was worth it cos you ain't getting any more".
Obama's great at following through with veto promises, just look at the NDAA that he said he'd veto...then signed "with great reservations"
+Lance Frizzell-Reynolds I really hope so too. It's hard though when experts (real ones) warn of things going on and no one pays attention to them. Personally I think psychopathy is a huge issue in all of this and all of the warnings are being ignored. I wonder what the threshold is these days for people to make enough noise to make a change. It appears to be very high :(
Or.. NO parties :P I get tired of the argument that the world is too complex to have a political system without parties (which is the usual response). I love the U.S. constitution and the original system of representative democracy held in check by the rule of law. I think that could roll out worldwide and what a great export that would be!
Just an observation: Fear (with a capital F) always seems to be the tough root nourishing the most oppressive, inelegant legislation. U.S. lawmakers (and no doubt elsewhere, too) are trying to chain up all dogs everywhere because someone got bit once somewhere. It's a waste of time and energy, when the real problem is the rabies epidemic.

Maybe fear is really only useful in distinguishing when NOT to make new laws.
Both the left and right use fear mongering to push their agenda on people. It is very frustrating, however nobody seems to ever learn from it.
Stop pouting some nonsense. lamo!!!!!
people choose to attatch to cicumstances that dont benefit any outcome so let go and the way will be presented
Uncle Sam just never give up on the idea of being the winner of 1984.
The only way to ensure privacy in a technologically developed country is to pay cash for everthing, do not use the internet, and not have a bank account. Or move to a country and live among the aboriginies.
+Aaron Roberts Or Wait For Project Paranoid Linux To Complete From The Book "Big Brother".
what the fuck am i reading?
they never heard of darknets, freenet, pgp and encryption?
hell no if this passes i will kill them
i dont care theyre already spying on us
It is not about their spying alone but about their ability to make laws that will totally control you. Stop them now.
Bob Low
so good i'm not in the us
I personally feel that anybody supporting this bill is a traitor to our country
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