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The best way to keep them charged all the time, is to charge them all the time. 
Buy a messenger bag with a battery that charges your devices!
I have a cord for my computer, bedroom, car and office.  Keep it plugged in wherever I can.
Brad G
Emit a low voltage amount of electricity from your skin.
A phone with a removable battery?  Sure, I'll just ride my dinosaur over to the MCI Worldcom Store and get a phone with a removable battery.
Charger at home, one in the car. And a replacement battery for the Extended battery in my phone. I refuse to buy a phone with a Non-removable battery. At least till they are all made that way. Which may be coming pretty soon.
Don't use your phone?
Step one- make sure your phone has a removable battery.
Step two- carry as many charged batteries with yourself.
note 2 you say. all thats right quad cores dont use much power haha
My note 2 lasts me for ~13 hrs a day. So im good.
+David Rodriguez It is. I get 8 hours of screen on time and for a phone, that's just about as good as you're going to get. I am a heavy user so this is a big improvement over my S2.
Look into power saving apps like JuiceDefender for your mobile phone. You can customize the settings to suit your needs and significantly improve your daily battery life.
+Matt Hinkle I never really got the big deal with juice defender and similar apps. does it just turn off wifi, data and bluetooth when youre not using them.
+Thomas Bridgewater That is pretty much the idea. It puts 'radios', screensavers & apps to sleep, refreshing at particular intervals so your phone won't suck amps searching, connecting, updating, etc. If you absolutely require constant connectivity & instant messaging (GTalk) it may not be the best solution for you. 
+Matt Hinkle I thought so. I use tasker so could do this if I wanted anyway but I don't see the need as I charge overnight. my dad uses it on his note but he doesn't really need to because he bought a huge extended battery. 
I think it's funny that using geofencing abilities is listed in an article about battery efficiency. 
+Terrance Shaw It's ok for battery depending on how you do it. gps will drain the battery fast but if you do it by which cell tower you ate connected to then it doesn't take any battery at all as the phone keeps track of this anyway 
Tablet-wise, iPads are still pretty damn ridiculous. 
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