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Tweaking your video game settings can mean the difference between an ugly, unplayable game and epic adventure.
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build a great pc and crank everything to max!!!
When will people learn that not everyone has money so just Buying A Thing isn't an option. Even if it's 'cheap.'

These guides are fantastic and useful! Thanks for another one, LH!
You're fighting an uphill battle, +Jon Gambini  but it is a good and noble fight.  I've worked for billion dollar companies with nearly infinite intellectual resources who'd rather go out and buy some shiny doo-dah than simply think about the problem and come up with an elegant, rational, and efficient solution.   Can we honestly expect the typical consumer to act any different? 
+Jon Gambini i forgot my <sarcasm> tag. I myself run on a just above mid range laptop and have to do a lot of graphics tweaking. 
Games can look so incredible on a giant high res screen on ultra detailed settings.  It's worth it if you a big gamer, if you are a casual gamer not so much.  $1000 on a computer is a worth it if you spend 40 hours a week on it doing graphic intensive games/work
I just buy a couple hundred dollar console and it seems to handle all my gaming needs for a few years at least without worrying about settings.
+Shawn Pierson a console can't handle anywhere near the level of detail tha ta PC can.  Go look at Crysis 3 on a PC at full detail vs a console.
+Scott Miller you won't convince a casual gamer like +Shawn Pierson to drop that kind of money.  A lot of people think they are getting the same experience, but it's like night and day when you realize just how much of a difference it is.
+Frederick Wright I think that's one reason why the Indie Game Developer community is booming.  Right now it's taking everything I got to resist writing spherical harmonics based environment lighting shaders for my own game after spending two months finally getting PSSM+VSM+PCF shadow shaders working for my voxel-based terrain game engine.  It has been the most satisfying and rewarding two months in years and although I tell myself I'd never do it again, I'm lying, I totally would.
Go back to your old 8 bit Nintendo games where you only had one man and no continues like Contra. If you can finish the game then you are a STUD!
+Scott Miller I wear glasses.  What do I need with detail beyond 1080p if my eyes are not capable of seeing it anyway?
Don't remember Contra 2 but I remember 1 and 3 very well.
It comes down to what one enjoys - countless hours fine tuning a rig to squeeze the best performance, or putting those hours into actual gameplay on a more than satisfactory image (ie consoles). I've spent countless hours and money on PCs to tweak settings so a game may run at its best. But on consoles developers get to perform that task, which frankly I no longer have the time and energy for. Its great there are people out there who will go to lengths to get the best image possible, bit that's a small minority to those happy with the ease of use a console provides in return for more than acceptable visuals.
Ben, that whole point is invalidated by "suggested graphics settings," which are in every PC game ever. Most games even auto detect your hardware and set them for you. No one's forcing you to spend "countless hours" doing anything, but you have the flexibility to do so if you choose...unlike the situation you're describing where you give up all control to someone else. Besides, you can have it all if you want. Play where you like, tweak what you want. I play some things on consoles and others on my PC. It's called "flexibility." No one's forcing you to burn your PC and play on a console or vice versa, people can do what they choose.
Apologies, Enabran, I wasn't trying to suggest there is only one extreme or the other. We're in agreement, there is choice and there is flexibility. But I will probably buy Grid 2 on one of the consoles instead of the PC due to convenience factor alone - the PC is no longer hooked up to the TV, and I want the largest screen / best sound system available in the house to play the game on. The original Grid has many quality PC hours behind it though, as well as plenty of visual tuning.
Fair enough Ben. :) I agree - some things I prefer on my console and my big screen and others I like a mouse and keyboard for.
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