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Don't settle for pre-made taco shells! Here's how to make your own taco bowls with some tortillas and a regular muffin tin:
The next time taco night rolls around, instead of serving the same old pre-made hard shelled tacos, pull out your muffin pan, preheat your oven, and reach for that bag of tortillas in the fridge.
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This is a little piece of genius.
I don't use shells anyway since making tacos with actual tortillas isn't that hard. This, however, is a fun way to make chalupas/tostadas.
Just started watching Eureka from episode one (fell in love with the last season, need to see where it started heh). And i feel like Jack just solved an issue i just couldn't figure out. In a good way :D
You can also buy molds that do the same thing, and then you'll have fresh shells when you want them.
Also, if you pour cookie dough over the upside muffin holders - I hear you can create cookie baskets.
another thing ive make es a salad bowl ,i would put tortillas over small stainless steel bowls i forgot to mention bake them in an oven at 350f
> Another idea which is a lot healthier and super easy
> is to cut up corn tortillas into little pie slices (chip size)
> bake in the over for 5-10 mins

Sounds good +Ashlee Foster , but I don't see how cutting them up into triangle shaped pieces and baking them is "A lot healthier" than baking them as shells. They're both baked tortillas, what am I missing?
Great idea! We just had tacos last night. I'm going to do this next time!
Would it still work using wholemeal tortillas?
Definitely experimenting with these for our weekly Taco Tuesday tradition! Great post!
Real Mexicans like myself know that a real taco is made with a soft tortilla not a hard shell thing like this.
This defeats the purpose of buying soft tortillas...
Thanks! That's neat.Def,trying it out next week.
Wow! What a great idea! I'm going to try this the next time I make arroz con pollo for my family.
Nice. I'm Latino and I like the idea.
OH My God. ::head explodes::
sounds great to me also but I still prefer tradional (will give it a try)
yeah. does it have to be a certain kind of tortilla?
that will get the shape right but baked tortillas taste like ass.They need to be fried in light oil.
No i aint got to go to Taco Bell any more
Cool, learned something new. I guess you can do the same with Won Ton Pi wrappers and a mini muffin pan.
super ! the next time im doing toacos ima use this idea
As a mexican I know that Tacos are supposed to be soft.
You see... the word "HACKER" can mean lots of things!
Surely there's a law against doing this? ;-)
There's no law against it, and don't call me Shirley.
Peter D
Now if I only had a muffin pan.
I don't see the benefit of this shape over just making/buying tostadas. If anything it seems like it would be more difficult to eat. Also, I don't see what this has to do with tacos, which I've never seen in anything resembling that shape.
Shut up Shawn Pierson. Don't be a hater. This is college clever, and you must respect ingenuity even when it's really worthless haha
Use low carb flour shells, morningrstar farms veggie burger crumbles, and if you crave sour cream try walden farms zero calorie, zero carb blue cheese salad dressing. If you insist on cheese, there are several brands of lower calorie, zero cholesterol soy cheeses. I forget who makes it, but there's a soy Mexican sausage, 'Soyrizo", if you like that in your taco. If you like burgers instead, Boca Burgers (also veggie) are 70 calories, with a whole wheat, low carb bun, that's a 150 calorie burger before condiments.Diabetics don't have to eat like they're being punished nowadays. I've lost 43 pounds in 12 weeks using the veggie burger products and lots of salmon.
so simple, yet so clever. You could use for funky shaped biscuits too.
i was thinking the same thing Jennie! :)
This is very creative where you come up with the idea?
I guess the taco bowl concept seems strange to me, it's a failure pile in a sadness bowl. It's like you're saying, "Hey, I am too depressed to eat a sandwich, so I'm just going to throw my sandwich ingredients into a bowl because I hate my life and lack the motivation to even try."
Love it. What a great idea!
Wow I would have never thought of that

What the hell are you talking about. its an idea about a bowl for tacos. It doesn't mean that your a lazy person without any motivation. it is just another way to make some food. not only that, but it would take more effort to make the bowl than to make a fricken sandwitch. so basically your saying, "Hey i am just an anilitical jerk who just made a fool of myself because i didn't think and said something stupid about a BOWL." so i am curious what do you think about bread bowls for soup. Does it mean that i am lazy and hate my life just because i like bread bowls.
that look nasty who ever made thats to nasty lol.....................
A very practical idea,save time & money.
Saves calories by not deep frying, too
good idea thank you. my wife and i love taco salad. and the bowls would be a good idea. thanks for the idea.
+Lifehacker The next time someone tries to tell me the spirit of American innovation is dead, I will point them to this post and simply say, "And good day to you, sir!" ;-)
Great idea! I think I'll try that tonight and fill it with seven layer dip.
Nom nom nom. You're making me hungry! :-)
This is what kills me about social media. The planet is collapsing -- and this is what we send all over the globe? How to make wavy, crunchy tortillas? C'mon, people!
The only reason you think the planet is collapsing is because of social media..
Yeah but crunchy taco tortillas are just wayyyyyyyyyyy more important.
wow il keep that in mide no no no foreal il keep it in mind
Why are there so many posts trying to get me hungry right now?! It's conspiracy! ;)
for a minute i thought those brown pan things were chocolate heeeehhheeee
Just a quick note,
This is more a tostada than a taco (tacos are made with soft tortillas and is such a delight to eat them) tostadas are also a delight, but they tend to be more crunchy and brittle.
Perhaps..... I might buy a new muffin tray first!
You can actually buy premade ones on some grocery stores also theres one complete kit where you can bake in the oven forgot the name though but what a good idea.
OMG...Taco Tuesdays just became epic.
does that even work?? if so it looks awesome
Shared this info with my wife and she has agreed to give a try....
dude , i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO going to try this!!!!! i have been trying to make taco shells FOREVER. most of them ended up as burnt blobs , and molds were a fail.
That's awesome, I'll definitely encourage others to try it.
this is cool im going totry making these
I'm going to try that tonight
Food for some reason always seems to taste better when homemade.
I'm mexican and these "taco shells" make no sense.
You can do this with a coffee mug. Lightly spray the upside down mug with veggie spray. Than put your tortilla over it. Bake and bam. Kinda will have the similar shape too! MMMMmm
or... I could just use the tortilla bowl makers that I own that are actually designed to do that exact same thing.
Single purpose utensil, c'mon, this is a great idea.
that's some genuwhine American know-how.
But then when I flip the pan over the bowls will be upside-down.
Rocket science! Thanks for tip!
you can also lay it on top of the muffin-cup to create a bowl instead of smooching them between the cups. both ways work.
It will very usefull i will come back
+Lifehacker What a great idea! As a foodie, I'll DEFINITELY try this out! Thanks!
I'm going to have to try that one of these days.
Road Code, I'm kind of new to Google+, but I think that messages posted to Public go to everyone.
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