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Need a monitor upgrade? These five powerhouse computer displays aren't cheap, but will give you the screen real estate you so desperately desire:
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Really interested in one of those Korean displays...
All I want now is the perfect angle to pair a 21,5" 16:9 and a 17" 5:4 to be confortably close to both (to every corner) and still hae space to use my Wacom pen-tablet.
For the money and performance you cannot beat the Asus PB278Q. I have been using it for the last two months or so for gaming and work (ArcGIS and AutoCAD) and it has been flawless.  And, you can't beat the fact that it comes with all the cables you need right in the box. 
The problem is that I want to use the touch capabilities of Windows 8 on the desktop, not just my Lenovo tablet PC... so these are the upgrades that I am looking for.
+Augustin Boustoure check out the top rated monitors on Newegg. Users typically rave about the products with the best balance between quality and price. Got myself an ASUS, thinking about the 24 Dell in this article
+Noah Atwi , list some programs and games that fully take advantage of a touch screen on a PC that can't be done with a keyboard and mouse.
+Phillip Tunstall It doesn't take full advantage of the touch screen but the Windows 8 GUI itself is much better with a touch screen. The apps that are being built for the so-recently-called-Metro UI will have touch as a baseline capability and over the next few years it will simply become the way computers are used.

Of course, just like the CLI crowd sneered at the mouse, those with the mouse UI worn into their brain will dig in their heels and insist "The old way was faster and better while this new fangled touchy feely stuff is... hey you punks, get the hell off my damn lawn!"

Which is funny because you are probably more than twenty years younger than me.
+Clint Johnson or you could just boycott windows' shit UI. Fedora and Ubuntu now have touch support, with wine and the new steam client windows has nothing on Linux
+Sean Donaldson But I actually want to get things done on my computer? I work on filmsets with software that only runs on the Mac OS so I own a MacBook Pro. I create on the desktop and a second laptop with Adobe CS6, Manga Studio, Corel Painter, Final Draft, Toon Boom Animate and Microsoft OneNote along with a host of other programs that only run under Windows. These programs are simply not available on Linux. Please don't tell me that there are alternatives that work just as well because there is a world of differences if you are actually using the software productively.

Why would I want to spend time fighting with Linux to kludge it together so it will almost do what Windows does only slower and much less stable? UNIX was my primary OS for a few years and I have worked with Ubuntu... I don't want to waste time trying to get a fringe OS to do what Windows just does.

It would be a different story if I were running servers or a render farm... but I am not. I am glad for the open source community and it is a magnificent thing for those who can't justify spending the kind of money that I have on the productivity applications.There are a dozen or so open source apps that I use on a regular basis but all of them run under Windows.

I've used damn near every OS since DOS 1.0 and all they are is a way to get to the applications. Some are smoother and more enjoyable to use but they all are means to an end unless playing with the OS is the ends. I am lucky in that I find the user interface for Windows, the operating system I HAVE to use, to be intuitive, smooth, more comprehensive and embracing than the others.

Since you obviously don't have as good an experience with Windows as I do, I am glad that you have a Linux distro available for you... but for me it is not a viable option.
+Clint Johnson , I'm still a sucker for command line interfaces and they are older than me! Touch pads are great for mobile devices, I dare say laptops too... but for a desktop, mouse and keyboard is best.
+John Allison i saw u said autocad and archigis. I m a student in architecture and looking for a budget 24" screen. I m not a gamer but use photoshop and lightroom for photography. Do u have any idea about a mid priced screen? Cheers

Ps: i'll be using it with my laptop.
+Phillip Tunstall That is why I am glad that there is a variety of OSes for us to chose from. I gotta think that it must pain some people to use an OS that grates on their nerves just because that is the only one that runs their application efficiently.

I've been using Windows 8 on my TabletPC for a little over a month now and when I switch to my desktop I already find myself wanting to reach up and interact with the screen. There are a lot of half measures with touch in Win8... and more than a few 1/10th and 0th measure... but I actually like using it and feel that once they get an iteration or two under their belt it will become the de facto UI and a mouse+keyboard only interface will be an archaic throwback like a CLI only system.

I have to commend Microsoft for taking this change on- sure they've been trying to find a way to leapfrog the other operating systems but it has to be nerve racking to jump out ahead of the hardware and out of most people's comfort zone.

Microsoft kind of has to force people to use Windows in a more uniform way because every little difference adds a hundred more seats to their help desk roster. Linux is a lot freer in that you are on your own unless you are on a support contract with someone like Red Hat, in which case they are pretty insistent that you restrict yourself to more standardized distro and usage. You see, Microsoft isn't locking down their OS for draconian control, it is just that NOBODY could afford the help centre that would be required by a Windows that was as wide open as the whole of the Linux ecosystem.
I've always been a fan of Dell's monitors. I use an UltraSharp 27" and an UltraSharp 24" at work, attached to my MacBook Pro. Works like a dream.
I've had a Samsung 305T for about 4 years or so now. It is a 30" 2560x1600. I cannot tell you how awesome that resolution and size is for productivity and gaming :) The thing broke twice though and now is out of the 3 year coverage... I replaced it with a 3 monitor setup of Dell 21.5" Ultra Slims at 1080p because that total was only $330 and the 30" was starting to flicker.
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