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How can you motivate people to do stuff they don't want to do? (Hint: rewards are good!)
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Self-rewards are about the best thing I can manage. The main reason any housework gets done is the promise of lazing about afterwards-- I can't allow myself to relax enough if there's still something to do, especially when it HAS to be done, like being down to my last set of clean clothes or the last clean dish in the house.
Recognition is the key for motivation. Money comes second.
Thanks for the correction +Sean Fleming , indeed money is the tangible prize of working. For some people, the value of working is the process, the environment, the people, in short the experience. Unfortunately many companies still consider the payment as the sole differentiating object on a job (not only companies, think on the parents that sent their kids to college). But till the job is clearer, money will be still the main reason why many apply to it and stay there although they are unhappy. Or may be that's my excuse for not being employed right now.
I think it is quite interesting to dismiss money as a motivation. Frankly, as long as wages are low (not everyone is a high.paid IT exec) money is what makes people do jobs they really don't like. If my choice is doing a lousy job or have no food on the table, if the choice is losing the lease on my apartment or do a lousy job, I know which one I'll pick. But I agree that this is not what I'd call (intrinsic) motivation, and I have left a job which was paid quite well for the insecurity of not knowing where the next rent would come from, when a job made me sick, 

Actually, most jobs can be rewarding, even the lousy ones, if the climate in which you have to work is great, and vice versa, if the atmosphere sucks, even the greatest job in the world is worth leaving. 
+Petra Hildebrandt : Because the way our culture is at the moment, the only thing worse than actually having money is wanting it-- because that means you'll do any debasing, underhanded, vile evil thing to get it. If you're not whoring yourself for it, you're stealing out of the mouths of those who have too little of it already. You can only be "pure" in your motivations if money isn't involved, as soon as it is the taint can never be removed and you are forever damned.

OK, I admit that was a huge blast of cynicism and you probably didn't deserve to get hit with it full force. but it's been something on my mind for a while. I exaggerated a lot there but I stick to the basic premise, though-- having money is a sin, these days.
Money.  it is rare if you do something you love and get paid, it is lucky you do something you do not like for money while sitll have time and energy to do something you love without pay.  it is, however, far more common, you do thing you do not like, but have to, just for the money, and have nothing left(time and energy).
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