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Do you use Posterous? How do you feel about yesterday's news--no big deal, or are you packing your bags?
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Hey, can you get me back on Twitter?
Like Christian stopped using it awhile back. I was particularly spurred on by their lack of "data liberation" Deleted my account.
I used to use Posterous because I really like the post-by-email concept and it was so simple to use. It was really good for non-techie people as it basically let you create a mailing list as well. Unfortunately, it was constantly changing, and not in a "here, this makes it easier to do what you want" kind of way.
I wonder if would be a good alternative to Posterous for posting content to various sites? Which is why I primarily used posterous, as it could post to Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr all at once.
I always got a bit lost with myself.
Everytime you say posterous, my mind says perposterous? I don't know why, perhaps I need to see a doctor?
I'm a big fan of Posterous. This is a bummer. I'll move my stuff as quickly as possible, given the lack of any clear messaging about the platform's future...
<Does another facepalm> Shocked really. I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter as it is. Fortunately I setup a link to my personally hosted WP blog months ago, I can just delete that one. As for my pinboard one, well...
I am moving my blog back to Wordpress. I think that is the wise thing to do, but I do love the autopost to social media. Oh well.
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