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Taco night has never been easier:
If you've ever needed to core a head of iceberg lettuce, either because you need to chop it up or you just want it easier to separate, there's an easier way than trying to carve out the core or cut ar...
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Awesome technique, will give it a go next time I get an Iceberg in.
Wow - for once, I know a trick before LH does!
Nice. Going to try this tomorrow. Thanks.
This was featured in a chick flick, involving two women and a guy, of many years ago...

The "other" did it, and he copied it; the original wanted to know where he learned that, an embarrassing moment for him :{))
That video was 11 times longer than it needed to be :-0
This does, however, cause the lettuce to go bad quicker. Just cut in half along core and slice out the core. Takes 5 seconds. Oh lord you lost two seconds of your life!! Then again you could always store the lettuce in water to prolong its life...
Just smack it on the counter I didn't realize there was a different way...
Iceberg lettuce, what's the point? So many tastier varieties out there.
It's quicker than 3 seconds, used to do this at a restaurant I worked at. If you really tried, you could probably core it, and chop it in about 3-5 seconds. Iceberg Lettuce is junk though, it's more expensive, less nutritious, and less delicious than many other types.
That's what we were doing for tacos for years, then we just started chopping the romaine we were using for salads.
Some of these foody tips in LH are really useful, especially the garlic peeler and pomegranate de seeder ones featured recently
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