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Looking for great gift ideas, but having trouble with someone on your list? Here's how to give better, more personal, and more meaningful gifts:
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Well I am happy no one has to worry about this with me.  We stopped giving or getting gifts about 15 years ago.  Took a while for everyone to get wise to it, but now I can proudly say I will only probably receive something for the eldest's family.  

Doing my part to end consumerism.
+Gwenny Todd Christmas is more like Capitalistmas now. I'm not religious at all but the worship of gifts and above normal levels of spending being "the norm" has totally turned me off Christmas in recent years. It's all a bit creepy.
I had two close relatives pass away in the last year or so, and the last time I saw them in person was 2008, during the Christmas season.  The gift they gave me was a giant card which everyone signed and an old photo album with pictures of my sister and her kids.  It's amazing how a few years can turn that into one of the best gifts you can get.
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