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It's kind of like Pinterest, if Pinterest were an insanely useful personal assistant!
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I may need to look into this. I currently use Cozi, but honestly I've never been thrilled with the interface and I feel it does not suit my life as I am not a Helicopter Mom with kids in twenty different activities.
I love Springpad. Been using it for about 8 months now. Every time I think, "Oh, I need to remember that book title and look it up later", or "that movie" or "that website" even, I jot it down in Springpad on my phone and then sync with the online site later. It's awesome. :D
I can never seem to decide which one I want to use. I've probably used Evernote most but I keep trying others like Springpad thinking they've got some good features.
I've been using Springpad for a bit now, and it's one of the few apps I think that has really changed how I do things.
I've been using this for over a year, ever since I got an Android phone. I probably would have done Evernote, but my work firewall considers Evernote and "online storage site" like Dropbox, but it doesn't block Springpad (yet).

The recent makeover is a little annoying. I much preferred having my notes organized in simple lists rather than "cards"
+Adi Peshkess Agreed with the took me a bit to add a note via the phone app, which is frustrating when I'm trying to jot ideas down on the go.
I am using Evernote rather lightly so I'm not very entrenched in it. What are arguments to pick Springpad over Evernote?
Using Windows, Linux and Android on about half a dozen machines/installs.
+Stefan Mai I was going to find an article on Lifehacker's site but the search never did work for me very well since they updated their site a while ago.
Is it me or does the Springpad redesign look like they're switched to chasing Pintrest's design?
Did they get rid of the Board feature? I can't find it on the updated design.
Springpad felt more like a social sharing toy than a true note-taking application. I used Springpad for about a year and was generally happy with it; however, the note editing lacked some of the more advanced editing features found in Evernote, and the Android UI had some issues especially with tables. I was starting to feel that it was a dead application so I jumped over to Evernote and have no regrets.
I've had this app for years. A lot of people were complaining about the newest update but I l think it looks nice. It also seems like they've been responding to users' feedback in terms of what to change when they made the update.
I use this app to keep track of recipes that I like or want to try. It's uncluttered and useful
Going to try the workflow mentioned here. I find so many of these ideas apply to almost every occupation except mine, higher education.
Online higher education to be specific.
I use Evernote a lot but I will try this one out as well
It works great as a grocery store list and the items disappear right when you check them off so that your list shrinks as you shop.
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