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It's kind of like Pinterest, if Pinterest were an insanely useful personal assistant!
Few people actually love organizing their calendars and projects—there's nothing terribly exciting or sexy about most productivity tools once you actually sit down and start using them.
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I may need to look into this. I currently use Cozi, but honestly I've never been thrilled with the interface and I feel it does not suit my life as I am not a Helicopter Mom with kids in twenty different activities.
I love Springpad. Been using it for about 8 months now. Every time I think, "Oh, I need to remember that book title and look it up later", or "that movie" or "that website" even, I jot it down in Springpad on my phone and then sync with the online site later. It's awesome. :D
I've been using Springpad for a bit now, and it's one of the few apps I think that has really changed how I do things.
I've been using this for over a year, ever since I got an Android phone. I probably would have done Evernote, but my work firewall considers Evernote and "online storage site" like Dropbox, but it doesn't block Springpad (yet).

The recent makeover is a little annoying. I much preferred having my notes organized in simple lists rather than "cards"
+Adi Peshkess Agreed with the took me a bit to add a note via the phone app, which is frustrating when I'm trying to jot ideas down on the go.
I am using Evernote rather lightly so I'm not very entrenched in it. What are arguments to pick Springpad over Evernote?
Using Windows, Linux and Android on about half a dozen machines/installs.
Is it me or does the Springpad redesign look like they're switched to chasing Pintrest's design?
Springpad felt more like a social sharing toy than a true note-taking application. I used Springpad for about a year and was generally happy with it; however, the note editing lacked some of the more advanced editing features found in Evernote, and the Android UI had some issues especially with tables. I was starting to feel that it was a dead application so I jumped over to Evernote and have no regrets.
I've had this app for years. A lot of people were complaining about the newest update but I l think it looks nice. It also seems like they've been responding to users' feedback in terms of what to change when they made the update.
I use this app to keep track of recipes that I like or want to try. It's uncluttered and useful
Going to try the workflow mentioned here. I find so many of these ideas apply to almost every occupation except mine, higher education.
Online higher education to be specific.
I use Evernote a lot but I will try this one out as well
It works great as a grocery store list and the items disappear right when you check them off so that your list shrinks as you shop.
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