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This may very well be the coolest thing you can do with your Android phone.
Let's say every time your significant other sent you a text that said "Where are you?", your phone automatically replied with your location. Or maybe you want your phone to automatically send an "I'm ...
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And asks for Facebook account to use it? Nope. Better staying with Tasker.
I refuse to sign in to anything with Facebook.
This app is setting a new record due to its very high download & bad ratings on the play store.
Yeah the faceboom signing was kind of strange... I guess we can't complain too much because its free...
I was intrigued until I found out you have to sign in with a #LordZuckerbeast  account...
You lost me when you said "Log into the app on your phone with your Facebook login". Next
Yeah, whats with the facepalm login. Next.
K Sinnott
Agreed. Facebook requirement is a deal breaker for me.
The Facebook login doesn't bother me, the lack of Android 2.2 support does.
What happens if youre one of the rare people that doesnt have a facebook account?
I don't understand why they wouldn't use google OAuth?  I mean it's and Android App...everyone has a Google account.  Maybe the developers own stock in facepalm.
Out of the 7 BILLION (rare people???) on the planet?
Can't use, as I don't have a Facebook account... guess everything has a price these days, the price of this being your personal information
There is a hope that they could integrate other sign-in services in the future. Facebook might have just been the first service as they publicly release this. 
Minus the Facebook login requirement.  Deal killer.
Lifehacker where do you get your Android writers from? This type of thing has been out for ages - tasker, llama, easyprofiles, etc. Also this is a poor implementation even apart from the Facebook sign in issue in that you don't program it on the phone itself but rather in the cloud.
A friend told my husband about this app, and husband was excited about it. I just texted him about the Faceplant login thing. Waiting for explosion now....
A facebook account is required needed to use? Lame.
The open coding nature of on{x} is cool, but I am not that familiar with the coding language. I'm trying llama before I invest much more time in Microsoft's version.
Come on Google, this product should be coming from you, not microsoft.
Matt C
+Matt Krebs I wouldn't say everyone has a Google account, but I'm pretty sure most Android users do! WTF?
There are so many better alternatives available  for similar functionality on Android. This app is being very poorly rated in the market. It also requires Facebook.. which I keep off my phone... Not to mention I don't trust anything Microsoft does.
If anything it should be a Google login requirement. With google docs, gmail, drive, and google+ it doesnt make sense for it to be a facebook thing.
Yeah, that Facebook requirement is a bit of a pain.  I'm trying to not use it and switch to Google completely.  They've never had a security  issue and would be much better.  
it hasn't worked at all on my phone. I have one rule setup to start "Car Home" when I am driving. It always opens at random times, even when I was standing still waiting for the bus...
Its made by MicroSuck. Strike one. Have to login through Facebook. Strike two.
Tasker still seems to be the choice for android users.
It makes me happy that all my fellow plusers hate Facebook as well
sadly, it's the facebook connection that does it in for me.  Would that it were a google link!
I stopped reading when I saw the "login with Facebook ".
Funny. I just set up my phone to auto respond my GPS locale to my wife texting "where are you.". Tasker is great! I didn't know it existed until all the Microsoft on{x} talk came up.
Shaun L
As lots of others have said, the FB login killed this one for me. Left FB months ago and would not try anything that requires it.
It may be the coolest thing you can do with your Android phone, but it's the most uncool that you need a Facebook login.
Piling on with the FB complaint.  I was very interested until I that popped up.  I've avoided Faceborg for good reasons. I'm not going over for a nifty app.
I hate that it requires a facebook account to log into the app. Guess I won't be trying it out after all.
Confused as to why LH is pushing this for the second time in as many days using such hyperbolic language. Esp when from all accounts Tasker is just as good if not better? What am I missing here.
Sean D
And for those of us with no Facebook account...we're basically screwed.  LOL
I can't believe how little was said in these comments about the actual usability of on{x} and how much of a stink was made because of a Facebook login.  I recognize this is in fact G+ so I take that into account, but how many much more questionable things have you allowed FB to access.
There is still too many things that it can't do.Their wishlist has just about all the useful things you would want from this type of app.
Llama is awesome and already does pretty much the same things.
Makes you log in with FACEBOOK???? Seriously?  An android app, made by msft, with a facebook login...

what's the world coming to?
microsoft should keep their crap on their phones !!!
needs huge amount of improvement and added features,till than its a useless app
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