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Not sure if you're ready to ditch your bank in the real world and take your money online? We've weighed the pros and cons of both sides.
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I'm online all the way for banking.  I love it..  Now I don't have to worry about bank hours and teller lines.. It's great.  I can do anything I want for deposits, transfers or updates anytime.  ATM fees?  LOL  Nope.  Do a Debit purchase with cash back and it's a win-win situation. 

Why pay the ATM fee when you can get a Coffee or a Quart of Milk?  FYI - I don't drink soda anymore.. :)  A Quart of Milk is cheaper than a 20 oz soda.. LOL
yeah - what sacrifices - it's not goats is it? I'm not sacrificing goats or lambs or first born sons...
Just a side note since is mentioned in the article ING is changing over to Capital One 360 next month. 
Sacrifices?  Who in the world thinks not having to go stand around at the bank is a sacrifice?
Reminding myself to read this later.
Visit a branch? The branch could CARE LESS about you. You don't need 'em. Banks forgot about customer service...they are far too big now. Kick 'em to the curb. Simple will succeed IF they prove they can 1) fix the problem quickly and 2) not be a bank (nickel and dime around every corner)
I do all my banking online. Except withdrawing cash, of course.
Dipping my toes into waters. We'll see how it goes, but there are no fees, no min balance, interest banking, mobile check deposit, 50 free checks a month, easier to pay other people (wire transfers and such... I haven't done an initial deposit yet, but I really don't see any drawbacks except cash deposits. I'm gonna keep a credit union Savings account open to keep repor for any loans I may need in the future. 
I miss wingspan bank. 
I haven't set foot in a bank branch in 12 years.  There is no need for a physical bank anymore, unless you need a safe deposit box (IMHO).
If you want a more personal branch visit, look to credit unions.

If you want better online banking tools, look at online banks.
My issue with Ally is that they used to be GMAC bank.  US ING Direct is becoming CapitalOne, while nothing has changed yet, the moment it does, ING Direct will no longer be a good option.  That leaves USAA (if you qualify) or Charles Schwab as the two remaining 'great' online banks.  One note however is to keep an eye on Simple.  They're a start-up out of Portland and it looks very promising.
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