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The last place you want to waste your time is in the parking lot.
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Personally, I figure Americans get little daily walking excercise as it is. If they have to park farther away, I'd consider it a good thing :)
I always park near the rear, less traffic, always a space.
Is this really a significant problem? 
I think this is the kick I needed to stop following Lifehacker on G+. Another common sense article which offers very little useful information.
Didn't read the article, but parking lots are one of the biggest wastes of fuel, especially by those that insist on taking twice as long to find a 'close' parking spot as it would take them to park in the back and walk in. I'll stop before I get into an unrelated rant.
No offense to anyone but not all Americans are like that, some of them are very conscious about their health, it's too bad that's a very small percentage 
I do the back of the lot thing or the exit thing.  Mostly...I do the Amazon thing. LOL
It's always struck me that parking lots are not really for vehicles, which are specifically designed to be moving. Parking lots are really for pedestrians (people walking to and from their stationary vehicles). Because this primary purpose is rarely if ever acknowledged, parking lots are (without exception AFAIK) terrible environments for every constructive purpose. They are, essentially, a total waste of space. IMHO.
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