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Free flights, free booze, free tours? Sign me up.
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Some really good tips on there - the CouchSurfing one has provided me with some of the most amazing, authentic adventures of a lifetime, and didn't cost a dime.   

Buying your European train tickets online ahead of time can be dicey especially if you are crossing between countries.  You're much better off simply going through a local travel agent, who will buy the tickets on your behalf in advance and have them waiting for you when you check into your hotel.  To maximize the amount of money you save, chart a course from Point A to a faraway Point B and just buy that one ticket.  You can get off along the way and get back on the train to continue your journey.   
+Jim Kelly I suspect shipping overweight baggage via DHL or UPS might be a sneaky way round that problem.
 (I must admit, I've never had the need to try that, and I'm not sure I'd have the nerve. I'd definitely try a practice run before I'd trust it with anything non-expendable, regardless of cost.)
Some cheap travel packages tend to be cheap out and costly for the return, so you might need at least an A-B-C-A route to get things really cheap.
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