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There's no shortage of great photo editing tools for Android and iPhone, but Pixlr Express is a great one that's worth a look:
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Between their TOS debacle and my discovery of Pixlr Express, I don't have much use for instagram 
ya dont understand the fuzz about instagram when we have Pixlr. So much better
Haddegan fish cowboys and buddy how much got
Snapseed. Better editing, no social network shenanigans.
I suspected that was it +Chris Thomson I just dont see the appeal for that myself :) Has the share option I need, a.k.a. Facebook and Dropbox. Has also other share options like Google+, Pinterest, Flipboard, Twitter, Email, Picasa and prolly other added apps
Use Snapseed which  is free Google App: Stop looking for Pic Editing software.
Try PicsArt. Has many options and a community too.
I recently installed both Snapseed & pixlr express and they are both equally impressive. I'm not offay with all their functionality yet but they more than serve my purposes in the meantime 
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