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It's not just for crazy people!
Talking to yourself has long been frowned upon as a sign of craziness, but a recent study published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology suggests talking to yourself might actually help...
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I love myself and so do I...
Whether talking to myself or someone else, I find that simply verbalizing causes me to slow down my thought process and go through it more thoroughly. Too many times I've had a "brilliant" idea, only to find out how stupid it was as soon as I heard myself tell it to another person.
I find if I read out loud what I have written I catch so many errors that I would otherwise miss.
I talk to myself all the time, sometimes I think I'm crazy.
Do I have to talk out loud to myself...?
So those people walking down the street exclaiming - "I need to find the Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Peanut Butter." are 1up on the rest of us!
I've never worried about talkinng to myself it's when I start fights with myself that I begin to get a little worried............
do it all the time! glad i'm not the only one!
i belong . . .
if your other self talks back . . . that is another thing . . . my precious
Oh no, +Aidan Obrien! I hope you're doing your part to help them and not just exploiting them to derail random legitimate conversations on the Internet!
THANK GOD!!! Now I can prove I'm not insane to people!
See I told you I wasn't crazy. Shut up! No, you shut up I'm right here. No, you're never right...umm sorry. What was I saying?
I'm one of the most interesting people I talk to everyday. :)
It's when and if you start to answer yourself, that would be cause for concern. I count talking to myself as to be thinking outloud.
Awesometown...I will tell myself all about this later!
This is what I've told people all along! One of the voices in my head is a Psychiatrist; and, he says that its good for me talk to just myself occasionally.
Fred L
+John M Chew I ask myself questions and answer them, like i were having a conversation. With myself. So... yeah, i don't think that makes me crazy. Right? Right. Thinking out loud is... not talking to yourself.
Depends what you say - you can beat yourself up pretty good if you're overly negative in private,
Neat, now i know why I talk to myself when i'm trying to find things my wife misplaced.
ohhhh so the drunk old guy I see on the buss all the time is just keeping his brain active! I've a new found respect for him
far be it from me to attempt to deffine insanity. I talk to myself sometimes which may be diferent than having a conversation with myself, but the topic heading does not mention conversation.
If someone has said to me your talking to yourself I say no I'm thinking out loud for what it is worth
Okay, I try to limit talking to myself to private settings when no others are around. IF one talks to themselves out in public,...some people might think that you are crazy?
Just have to make sure, you don't do this in public.
it sounds even worse when i talk to my golf ball after i have hit a shot
I spend most of my dog walking time muttering to my dog about technology and futurism. (Alas, though he growls at the other dogs, he has no opinion of google+)
taking to yourself can be helpful to all... just look at the smiles on others faces! Don't just smile at others today, talk to yourself and let others find their smile. Besides... crazy is fun, I know for a fact!
Good! fora moment there I thought I was crazy Lol
My cat does watch things on the computer screen, but I don't know what he thinks about them. / I do checklists as I leave the house (keys, yes, backpack, yes, coat, yes, etc. and I probably do it out loud).
makes sense. Strong logic in that argument.
Maybe Raven's dog is trying to figure out how to get the baseball.
So if one is writing in a journal how is that different just because it is written and private???
Jonathan, vocalizing makes things more real, plus helps you work out logical issues, flow, etc.
It wouldn't be schizophrenia as long as it was just you talking to you, no one else involved in the discussion.
Most schizophrenics don't have that anyway; you are thinking of multiple personality disorder.
Talking to myself is crazy! Wish I could find a button on me to stop doing it. It's like as if I'm self treating myself like a psychologist. :-P
+Fred L Where are you getting these animations from?! cos they're pretty cool..
If the only person smart enough to bounce your thoughts off of is yourself, then you can't be crazy for doing that.
Positive self talk works. This is also on the way to moving from the lips to the memory of the heart.
By the way, hearing voices doesn't count!
Nowadays, it's difficult to tell whether someone is talking to themselves or on their cell phone.
It works! Helps to cure anxiety and depression.
This makes me feel much better about talking to myself. :)
+March Plotington-Blyte Problem solvers have debated problems with imaginary critics since forever. Such elaborate thought dialogue cannot always be reconciled as one personality, but two or three operating in one person's head, with his/her full control of when or if they exist (or else he/she'd be insane). Chatting up imaginary friends though is a symptom of loneliness.
Try reading the furqan....thats the best
LOL! i thought i was crazy too! it's good to know this isn't insanity
I saw other headlines that read "Talking to yourself doesn't mean you're crazy! It may give cognitive boost study says"

How does having cognitive benefits make it any less crazy? Why is it considered crazy in the first place? Why is the world so black and white?

/puts philosoraptor claw on philosoraptor chin.
I really need to listen to myself more often.
Everybody is little bit crazy, but the smart ones use the crazy side to improve they life! Personal and professional! o/!!!

Good post!
I talk to myself all the time. This explains why I made $65 per hour at my last job.
This may explain why my golfing is so bad. I talk to myself. People who talk to themselves are smarter. Smarter people are geeks. Geeks aren't good at sports. There you have it.
Wow, I never knew that. That's amazing
i work at walmart... i MUST talk to myself all the time to keep the sanity!!!
yay i'm not going nuts then - good to know :)
Cool! I have known for a long time I am the only one that understands me. Now I have proof!
It helps to solve some idiot problem for some odd reason. Mutter and curse some and a solution appears.
I've been talking to myself for years.. thought I had a split personality -:) Not to mention my wife doesn't listen to me, anyway.
Keep telling yourself that talking to yourself gives you a boost.
Talking is OK, But the answering one"s self is quite questionable.
:- )
So I'm not crazy!! Thanks, self, for always listening!! lol
talking to myself helps me troubleshoot electrical faults. makes me memorise important facts.
I could have told you that years ago! Best way to deal with pressure is a little pep talk!
In which case, I must be a dam' genius...
Yes, true. It does actually help you, but one needs to ask himself, why do people talk to them selves? Is it because they need that extra "cognitive boost"?, IMO: they're either already crazy, or on the verge.
I talk to myself too bt not all the time...its definately not crazy.
Mik M
I talk to myself every day - on G+ :)
I think everyone talks to themselves.but only some of us admit it.
Talking to one's self helps the voices in the head escape.
I don't know anyone who listens to me as well as myself!
I am a science student, and now i am in 2nd year of bachelors degree of commerce. It was only because of talking to myself that made possible for me to know what was debit and credit.
Talking to yourself in 1st or 3rd person? lol
Does talking to the tv during a football game count?
i always follow this and i feel the most confident in my group
Thats what gives me confidence to address the crowd
It's most important that one is listening/understanding the "SELF".
also qualifies you as crazy
The "SELF" is "KNOWLEDGE", it is important you listen/understand it.
I talk to myself all the thats why i'm so smart
Talking to yourself is a sign of maddness!
neither do i but i definetly talk to myself. XD
When you go "MAD" don't blame someone else, blame "YOURSELF". Stop talking and start listening/understanding urgently.
Hahaha! I talk to myself allot. Occasionally I'll laugh asst myself too. Hahaha!!
Does that include sexual harassing yourself?
We keep learning every day we start dieing when we stop learning.
YES!!!!!!! I can finally prove I'm not completely nuts. I just noticed I'm using my grammies email not mine. oh well <3 u grandma
This doesn't help me on word search games...
no more business with you needed
Now I don't feel so cray...thank you! lmao
Bev Z
ROFL so my ex wasn't crazy? I just don't believe it! LOL
i have a friend who does that shes 13, exepet she talks to her erasers, pigeons, and her male purple pegasus/unicorn named penelope
Just throw a Bluetooth headset in your ear and you won't even need to explain
I always knew I was a genius. Now I have some sort of external confirmation.
I told everyone that myself and me were interesting, no one but them listened :(.
Me, Myself and I all agree! Best of three worlds.........
Been doing it all these years. And it did me good. Lol
sometimes I instinctively doing this maybe because whenever there are lot of things on my mind, I can focus more on things that I'm "Thinking Out Loud" (speaking what is on my mind).
Que bom,pois achava que era meio maluca,kkk
i talk to myself all the time ;P
its perfectly normal
well i am kinda strange at times
but for the most part
I usually do this when im extremely happy or sad,,,i cant help but to express my feelings alone...
People!!! For as Long as U have Breath in your Body, You can talk to yourself & not feel ashamed of yourselves!
Thanks a lot, I had serious doubts about myself lately...
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