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I always assumed toiletries were cheaper at drug stores than the supermarket...surprisingly, that isn't the case.
These days, it seems like you can buy things like shampoo or toothpaste just about anywhere. And, while it's obvious you probably won't find good prices at the grocery store, ShopSmart magazine found ...
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i always get that stuff at target. i always assumed it was cheaper, but mainly because i can get everything i need in one trip there.
I only patronize large chain drug stores when I'm in search of something very specific that I have been unable to locate elsewhere. I also avoid Wal-Mart like the plague. I do most of my shopping at Target and Food Lion. If I had any prescriptions to fill I'd get them from the locally owned pharmacy.
We buy a lot of that stuff at Costco, we get enough, in one purchase, with the size of the container or the number of containers of the product to last us awhile.
This is news? Dollar stores rule this segment when it comes to price.
First off, who doesn't know this. And second, there is a special circle in hell for coupon users and penny pinchers. It a bad habit that makes you look like a rube...
yea the dollar store rules for small purchases but Sam's Club is where its at. 
The book "Good to Great" talks about how Part of Walgreens success lies in Them knowing their primary goal was to make the most profit per customer visit. Ergo, making the 'convenience' items like deodorant, shaving cream, or common style lipsticks a higher cost than usual.
Drug stores don't make the lowest prices on merch. They don't even advertise that. They are a drug store - their profits are from drugs (prescriptions). The "convenience" lies in your ability to buy toilet paper while you wait for your drugs, and avoid grocery store lines. Their food, however, does tend to be the cheapest, because when they're on sale they literally make pennies. (another method of bringing you in) Sometimes they even lose money on the food. They can beat stores like Safeway, because Safeway relies on a gross profit margin for food...they can only mark it down so much.

The fact that this is even an article surprises me. I was a drug store manager for almost 6 years - not once did we advertise "lowest prices." We wouldn't even price match Wal-Mart, because we didn't consider them competitors.
HEB, the grocery store chain here in TX, is still the cheapest, even cheaper than Wal-mart, Target, CVC, and Walgreens. Their store brand is awesome, in terms of price and quality. This includes meat, produce, dairy, and HB/GM items. I've been told the dollar store is the best place to buy cleaning products but I rarely step foot into a dollar store.
What a misleading and incomplete article (and sloppy research.) There's really no data here that can be used to verify the conclusions, and many factors seemed to not be considered - generic brands, consumer loyalty program rewards, what the actual price differences were (pennies, nickels, dime-what were the true differences.
Why would anyone think that? Drug stores are a ripoff on most items. Unless they're on sale when they can be quite a bargain.
The war on drugs isn't a hot topic. A common quote is "the war on drugs has been lost" which is why marijuana will finally be legalized soon.
A dollar store, I mean a real everything is $1 store, is a great place to get a lot of household products like glass and surface cleaners and dish washing detergent.
The atmosphere is way better at place like Walgreens though.
If you're willing to pay 3X as much for "atmosphere" then you're probably not worry about getting the most affordable items.
I always thought this was true. And now there is proof.
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