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Want to shoot better video with your DSLR (or any camera?) You need a stabilizer, and this simple DIY rig is cheap, gets the job done, and is almost as good as a Steadicam:
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I would do it but I have no idea where to get all this stuff, haha. I feel like most of it is American terminology xD
That's pretty neat. I've never used my dSLR for video but I suppose this rig would work with a compact or even camcorder (if anybody has one of those these days). The annoying thing about American projects like this is that in the UK you'd be lucky to buy the materials for the same figure (using £s) so this would be £15 plus, plus, plus.

However, here are plenty of other materials that a DIYer may have lying around which would reduce the bought parts to £15 or less. For example, the frame is just metal tubing which is found on some old office furniture, old polythene greenhouses etc. The critical parts are the ball joints. I'm thinking about those but I'm sure there are alternatives lying around my house and/or shed in unused kit.

This will definitely have to go on my One Day list.
nice. I wonder where the size of this device came from? can it be smaller and as effective as this one?
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