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It's 2012. Can't we make smoke alarms that tell the difference between me cooking a steak and my house being on fire?
It doesn't matter how much of a kitchen whiz you are, there are just certain dishes you can't cook without creating a little smoke. If your smoke alarm likes to go off when you're in the middle of coo...
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It's 2012. Can't we make smoke alarms that tell the difference between me cooking a steak and my house being on fire? My sentiments exactly
OR take some cooking lessons! :)
+Don DeCaire Tell that to my alarm that goes off every time you open the oven door, regardless of what's cooking. (and don't dare Grill/Broil anything)
That might indicate it needs to be cleaned, seriously that's a fire hazard...
+Don DeCaire Nope it's less than 2 months old - it's just in a bad position.
If you're setting off the alarm when you're cooking steak, you may want to stop abusing your steak.
It's the whole "remembering to turn it back on" thing that gets me into trouble.
You can get 'optical' smoke alarms to do just that... The proof, I suppose, will be in the steamed pudding ;)
"you probably won't forget to take it off"...
And the one time you DO forget to take the shower cap back off...
Yeah I think the fire inspector might have a problem with that after the fact...
That's why the hammer is better no need to remember.
Hey i want to chat with you so much
I dont care i luv stakes my neighbors think im gonna burn down my house
thxs its just the way things are in life simple or hard
Don't do this. Firemen find disabled alarms all the time: In smoldering rubble
Better yet...use one of those condoms you will never need....NERDS!
I do understand your problem; my problem too! I have to tell you that when once I forgot a fry pan with oil that started burning and made a thick black smoke; no alarm (from three) worked. Otherwise I can not toast bread or cook without hearing them ringing!
5 min. is not enough time to finish cooking/baking/frying/saute'ing...and the smoke continues. BEEP BEEP BEEP
Lawyer, "So, Messrs Lifehacker, did you instruct my now dead client to disable their smoke detector?"
This tip is not so good to the forgetful persons.
The model of smoke alarm in the photo is a godawful BRK model I had in my house. They were constantly malfunctioning, usually in the middle of the night. I eventually ripped the damn things out and replaced them all with a different brand which doesn't go off when I burn some toast or randomly at 2AM.

Also, most newer smoke alarms have a "disable for 5 minutes" button.
Bry C
When you think they are malfunctioning in the middle of the night, you might just try putting a new 9V battery in them.
Oh, if only it was that easy. The thing is, the alarm would often go off for about 10 seconds, then stop. And because they're wired, they would all go off, so there would be no way to know which one had triggered. And no LED to indicate low battery. So I'd have to replace a 9V battery in one, wait to see if they went off again, if so then replace the next one, and so on. Or else replace every single battery every time any of them went off, which is why I now have a dozen almost full 9V batteries sitting in a cupboard.
New houses typically just don't install smoke detectors in kitchens. They're installed in the family room or hallway outside the kitchen instead. 
It's not recommended to disable smoke alarms at all. Each year the +Fire & Rescue NSW attends approximately 2,500 kitchen fires - or approximately 56% of all residential fires. More than half of all home fires start in the kitchen by unattended heat sources such as foodstuffs on stoves and by electrical short circuits. The areas of the house where most fires occur are in the kitchen. So please don't disable your smoke alarm in the kitchen, it is where it is needed the most. More information can be found here regarding kitchen fire safety

Change your clocks, change your smoke alarm batteries (Australia)
Also regarding smoke alarms, +Fire & Rescue NSW is urging householders to change their smoke alarm batteries when they change their clocks at the end of Daylight Saving on April 1. Taking a few minutes to ensure smoke alarms were working properly could buy valuable time for families during an emergency.
Shawn Q
Considering the populace in modern society, I support this bad advice. Sharing it promptly.
Yes we can. They cost more than the $10 that people will pay. They also mean the fire is much greater and therefore much harder to escape or grab your kids and get them out.
Why not invest in a powerful range hood? Or just cook things that don't smoke up. Or relocate the detector? Or manually fan the detector with a dish cloth?

Its a really bad idea suggesting people completely disable a smoke detector (a set-and-forget-device) in a way they can forget about. The potential consequences are worse than the noise (or bland food, or extra exercise) by many orders of magnitude.
Shawn Q
How about smokeless food? You have any idea how many carcinogens are in that waft of death?
They do make less sensitive fire alarms. The optical kind that looks for the reflection of smoke won't false trigger just because a frying pan got a bit hot and caused the oil to smoke a bit.
Ya, mine goes off when making toast,or crumbs burn.Then it pushing the silence button.
To complain about the smoke detector picking up the wrong type of smoke is just lazy.
Given that so many fires are started in the kitchen, this is a ridiculously unsafe idea.

To minimise annoying false alarms, have a professional position your smoke alarm in the centre of the house and ensure good ventilation whilst cooking!
It's 2012... who the hell owns a shower cap?
+Tom Sisson not that I personally wear a cap, but I wasn't aware of recent advances in shower tech.
+Tom Sisson, people who don't want to wash their hair necessarily when they shower - folks with long hair for example...?
Ha ha, I have a smoke detector right outside one of my bathrooms. You only have about 2 sec after a shower to close the door once exiting or that thing is gonna go off.
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