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There are a lot of voice-activated personal assistants for Android, but this one is fresh off of XDA and is packed with more awesome features than we can count:
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Multi-language support or just English?
I didn't like Utter. Seemed to really slow my phone down when I had it installed. Of course it might have been the fact that my #motorola   #razr  is crap.
I too had a slow reaction on my Galaxy Nexus. Think ill just stick with  Google Voice and Dragon.
Utter is a well thought out project by an excellent developer. Give it time. It is next level
Yeah...why would you leave google voice search...its just so good. I guess maybe for the people that arent on jellybean?
I was all excited at first, turns out I misread. It's not "Otter". :(
For those who haven't read up about this app, it is not a replacement for Google Now. It is an enhancement. To disregard it is a little short sighted. Remember, this is the guy who developed Tasker. TASKER!!! Just sayin'...
I don't like talking to my devices. However, if you could enable a feature where the phone sounded annoyed from too many requests I might enjoy it.
I do love the joke at the end though :)
The only problem I seem to encounter is My storage space runs low -then it's hours before I can rcv texts unless I force stop apps I never oppened to begin with! 
My Nexus 7 and utter are getting along pretty damn well! I love how she says "yes, Beto?" (My name) I'm loving it, can't wait to see it finished, this is the future of tablets, the potential is enormous... 
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