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You can generate the strongest unique passwords in the world, but if the web site you're using it with isn't properly securing it, it hardly makes a difference.
Between LinkedIn, Zappos, Dreamhost, and other prominent sites recently hacked, you've likely been thinking about your online security lately. But what does it actually mean when one of these sites ge...
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my favourite outdated password:
r3K3 m3St3R1
One of mine: 963.963.

How fast can you hit that on the numeric pad?
I don't know if you remember the anonymous leak, but abc123 was amongst the most popular in their collection
Isn't it a fact that nowadays it doesn't matter whether you take a very complicated password with special characters and numbers or not? If you aren't dumb enough to take like 1-2 words out of the dictionary you could also just use a big sentence. Length is win. (concerning brute force attacks)
I'm looking for my password seems to have fallen off my monitor...hmmm...must be here somewhere...
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