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A group of new studies shows that a good long walk outdoors or a hike actually can help us unlock our creativity, and feel happier at the same time. What do you think?
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That's like letting the conscious side of the brain rest. 
Being in nature, even if it's just a local park with squirrels and geese, always makes me want to run back home and start painting, I get so inspired.
A good walk outside is my favorite activity. When it's above freezing, I regularly take a walk on my lunch break and it makes the day much better.
I remember reading somewhere that even just seeing pictures of nature releases endorphins. Nature is good for us, yet we've secluded ourselves behind walls. It's even more important today to get out and enjoy the world.
Sensible and rather obvious to anyone that's tried it. Let's hope it gets more people walking and creating.
i like the idea of a long walk making one happier, sounds good and is easy to do.
I was under the assumption that old studies have been proving this for a long time.
I would say that just living a healthy lifestyle frees up the mind give you that extra energy throughout the day!
Yes I agree. Even better hitting a little white ball along some grass so we can lose weight off our hips too :)
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